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Here it is - the history of Craggy Island

Did you know Michelangelo used the roof of the island’s synagogue as a practice for his work at the Sistine Chapel?

CRAGGY ISLAND HOLDS a special place in the hearts of the Irish people but it’s probably safe to say we know very little about the beloved home of Father Ted.

The folks behind TedFest – which starts this Thursday, February 27th – want to change all that though, so they’ve put together a handy History of Craggy Island for us all to enjoy.

TedFest TedFest

For instance, did you know:

Fleeing religious persecution in Pennsylvania during the late nineteenth century a community of radical Amish led by the Reverend Eli Lapp settled on the island near to where the International Airport has now been built.

You might also have heard that:

The English footballer Jack Charlton bought Inis Mor in 1986 and used a loophole in FIFA regulations to issue players with Irish passports.

But you might not know:

In 2007, as part of a sponsorship arrangement with Patprick, a British/Icelandic media corporation , Inis Mor was renamed Craggy Island.

TedFest TedFest

The beautifully illustrated tome also contains other historical gems such as the tale of island’s Chinese settlers.

In the year 175BC Jhun Heng Foos, a Chinese pirate who used to plague the Galway Bay shipping lanes, established a po» at what is now Kilronan harbour. Chinese slave laborers were brought into build the road from Kilronan to Dun Aengus, allowing the resident Druids to avoid having to access their fort via the treacherous cliff face. The first Chinatown outside of the Far East was established and both communities lived in harmony for many centuries

There’s so much more to Craggy Island than meets the eye, and sure can’t you find out all about it for yourself if you head along to Ted Fest on Thursday?

There’ll be a Ted’s Got Talent competition, a Lovely Girls Contest, and even a Human Buckaroo.

You can get all the necessary details right here.

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