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Hocus Pocus is 20 years old, here's what it can still teach you about life

You now have permission to watch it even though it’s not Halloween yet.

IT MAY BE July but this time 20 years ago a classic Halloween movie was making it way into cinemas.

Hocus Pocus was released during the summer but its status as a favourite of generations of children came when it was released on video and constantly played by RTE around Halloween every year.

The Disney film is not just a helpful Halloween favourite however, it is in fact packed full of important life lessons.

Allow us to explain.

1. Some people just aren’t meant for mornings

Winnie Sanderson feels your pain:

2. Self confidence is importance in affairs of the heart

Also, SJP in Hocus Pocus is ten times better than SJP in Sex and the City if we’re being honest:

3.  Never underestimate the power of a withering look:

4. Be optimistic about how you’re going to age

Even if it’s not quite how it works for most of us non-witch types.

5. Know the power of a good insult

6. And how to respond to one

There’s Something Down There / Tumblr

7. Capes are forever fashionable

Great for turning around dramatically:

8.  As are witch hats

As evidenced by a young Thora Birch (yes the same Thora Birch who went on to be in American Beauty and Ghost World).

9. Being cool is overrated:

10. Always remain calm

Alright, no need to shout.

11. Making your own spell book is something you can do

The spell book used by the Sanderson sisters is pretty impressive:

And one chap from Ireland has made his own version:

JamieCunningham / YouTube

He even made a tutorial about how to make one for yourself:

jamiebookofshadows / YouTube

12. This is the ultimate party piece

Imagine performing this at karaoke or a friend’s wedding?

You’d be the talk of the night:

iLoveYouMeryl / YouTube

We think these guys dragging it up as the the Sanderson Sisters prove our point:

Derek Armstrong / YouTube

13.  Sisterhood is important

Sure look at the Sanderson Sisters on their brooms being all happy:

Mr Lalo Del Rey / Tumblr


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