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This is the most honest local newspaper article ever

And in its honesty, it is beautiful.

THE PLIGHT OF the local newspaper reporter is rarely easy.

Frequently, they are forced to find drama and excitement in the mundanity of small town life.

Not so for Oliver Frankham of the Leatherhead Adviser yesterday.

Yesterday, he chose to tell the truth.

This is Surrey Today

Lest you cannot read his beautiful words, here they are again:

THE pages of the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser are often littered with stirring tales of heroism and human endurance.

Thousand-mile bike rides; footsore treks along mighty mountain ranges; back-breaking transatlantic rows – always in the name of a good cause.

But not this week.

This week, a group of seven unremarkable, middle-aged men walked a long way for no reason. None whatsoever.

Bearing such solid British names as Chris, Ian and Simon, the “50-ish” Dorking residents picked a random Saturday and a meaningless route and walked 40 miles just because they could.

Magnificent work.

You can read the full story here.

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