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10 horrible realisations that strike fear in your daily life

Oh no. There’s no toilet paper…

OCCASIONALLY, YOU’RE GOING about your day, plodding along, when something terrible happens.

You suddenly realise that a small mistake is going to lead to a world of pain.

Here are ten of the most horrible (and mundane) realisations you can have in your daily life.

Waking up thinking it’s saturday, realising it’s not

disappointed-cat-o What's even the point of anything anymore?

Getting up for a shower, realising there’s no hot water

toilet-5 But I'm going to smell! I'm going to smell all day!

Getting to the till in the supermarket, realising you left your wallet at home

tumblr_mdfhznslOX1ql2603o1_250 I'm a fool! A terrible fool.

Doing a big job in the toilet, realising there’s no toilet paper

OMG-WHAT Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God oh God.

Arriving home after a long day and realising you left your keys at work

i_e20e29_2410721 I'll just sleep at work. It's fine.

Forgetting to meet someone, realising when they text you that they’re at the meeting place


Realising you have no bin tags at 11pm just as you’re about to put the bin out

funny-gif-crying-cat-sad Why God, why?

You’ve made the tea…realise there’s no milk

lapcat I'll just have to drink water, I suppose.

Realising you’ve forgotten to do something really important for work/school, just as it becomes a problem

Paul-Brook-Mind-Reader-Cat-Breading-gif Oh no...oh no oh no oh no oh no...

Getting home from the big shop, starting to make dinner and realising you’ve forgotten one vital ingredient

Tz3ht Guess I'll just eat these then...

What realisation strikes fear in your heart?  Tell us in the comments.

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