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8 emotions that people who *love* hotel breakfasts will recognise

You might love hotel breakfasts more than you love people. And that’s understandable.

WE HERE AT DailyEdge.ie have strong feelings about hotel breakfasts – namely, they’re the best part of any trip away.

If you share this sentiment, you will know the following emotions VERY well.

1. The joy upon discovering that breakfast is included in the price

Bed and breakfast! Oh happy day!

2. And the suspense as you descend, not knowing what kind of breakfast it will be

warming-trays-1148240_960_720 Source: Pixabay

It might be a full hot breakfast menu. It might be continental. You’re delighted with either. Where are the wondrous silver tureens?

3. The simple pleasure of planning your meal

Hotel Breakfast 👌🏼 #hilton #hotelbreakfast #bestpart #stockholm

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Something like a little bowl of cereal to start, followed by some form of hot breakfast, then a tiny pastry for the new ‘breakfast dessert’ course you dreamed up. Perfect!

4. Frustration at the people who don’t utilise the hotel breakfast to its full potential

Porridge, is that what you’re having? And what after that, some eggs? No? That’s it for you? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU. YOU MUST HAVE A BIT OF SAUSAGE.

5. And plain anger at the people who ignore the breakfast and sleep in

flat,800x800,070,f Source: Redbubble

Don’t you know what you’re just throwing away? How dare you.

6. Despair when you realise you’ve slept it out yourself

aHbvcP4 Source: Imgur

The one time you did is definitely in the top five most traumatic experiences of your life.

7. The overpowering need to roll pastries in napkins and stuff them in your bag ‘for later’

‘Later’ meaning in five minutes’ time, when you realise you can’t stop thinking about that lil’ almond croissant.

8. Wistful longing for hotel breakfasts past

Breakfast shoud be fast AND delicious. #NeverCompromise #PancakeMachine

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Remember that one place we went to that had the pancake machine? Ah. That was great. *sighs happily*

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