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Here's exactly how McDonald's chicken nuggets are made
There’s no pink goop! According to McDonald’s, that is.

WHEN YOU GOOGLE ‘McDonald’s chicken nuggets’, one of the first images that appears is always that infamous picture of pink goop, right?

The pink goop is often claimed to be what really goes into the chicken nuggets, which also contain ground-up chicken beaks and feet – information that is probably enough to put even the biggest meat lover off nuggets for life.

pinkgoop YouTube YouTube

In an attempt to fight the myth, McDonald’s have taken former Mythbuster Grant Imahara on a tour of Tyson Foods, the factory where the McNuggets are made.

There’s no pink goop in sight, and it’s interesting to boot.

McDonald's / YouTube

A Maccy Ds stunt through and through, but at least its reassuring. Is anyone else starving now? We’re STARVING.

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