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How to tell if an Irish guy likes you

Hint: It doesn’t involve saying ‘I like you’.

AH, THE IRISH male, you gotta love em. But do they love you? Here are a few telling factors that without a doubt, certainly mean that they’re mad for you. No need to ask for proof any more, it’s all right here. You’re welcome.

1. He’ll constantly slag you

It’s when he stops slagging you that you should be worrying.


His mouth says your hat looks funny, but his heart says ‘never leave me’.


2. He’ll never actually ask you out

He IMPLIED it, so you should basically start catching on more.

Ultra fast speed dating - Imgur

You’ll have little indication that he likes you until the inevitable drunken shift in some dark nightclub.


And then you’ll wake up to this text.


3. He won’t mind sharing his chips

Or any food really. If you get shut down when asking for a slice of pizza you may as well just jog on.

This guy has no interest in this girl.


4. He’ll occasionally prioritise you over his mammy

Occasionally. We can’t be looking for miracles.

mamcalling Shutterstock Shutterstock

5. He’ll refer to you as the missus, moth, or ‘ball and chain’ like he’s somehow forced into being with you

It’s as close as you’ll get to ‘darling’ or ‘love’, appreciate it. He won’t even mind when the lads say he’s whipped.

slagsforbeingwhipped Shutterstock Shutterstock

6. He’ll stall when the cinema cashier asks that fateful question


Awkward, awkward, awkward. The cinema means ‘date’ and that’s HUGE, he doesn’t want to offend you by forcing you to let him pay so makes the situation disastrously awkward.

If he really likes you he’ll contest your offer to buy the popcorn, but only one.

cinemadate Shutterstock Shutterstock

7. He’ll drive you places

Day or night, he’ll pick you up… and moan about your driving when you return the favour.


8. He’ll rarely compliment you

Sure you never take them anyway. At least when he does actually say it you know he really means it.


When he does eventually venture a go it’ll be that you look ‘grand’.

mrw-someone-tells-me-about-how-much-more-and-better-theyre-doing-with-their-life-than-i-am-65550 Memeguy Memeguy

9. He wears a shirt when you go out together

With that effort, it must be love.

striped-button-down M80 M80

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