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The person who wrote this parish newsletter headline is our hero

Who is the mysterious Hugh Jarse?

COULD IT BE? Could there actually exist in this world a man named Hugh Jarse?

From looking at the headline of this UK parish newsletter, you’d think it was so.

hugh jarse Source: Twitter/@AlexaDWilson

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Hugh Jarse isn’t a real person.

No, the Hugh Jarse in question is in fact a quiz team name dreamed up by a bunch of gas tickets, who went on to become the winners of the parish quiz night (strangely called ‘Busy Hands’).

Nevertheless, plaudits must go to the person who made the courageous decision to put the name on the front page.

We’re still holding out a real Hugh Jarse. Perhaps we’ll meet his friends Eileen Dover, I.P. Freely and Amanda Hugginkiss. Some day. Some day.

via Alexa Wilson

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