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Last year
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The Journal and Noteworthy reporters nominated for Headline mental health media awards
The awards recognise Irish media professionals who are creating awareness and reducing stigma in mental health reporting.
All time
# headline
Journal Media won two prizes at Headline's Mental Health Media Awards today was also shortlisted for three other awards at the ceremony in Dublin.
# Headlines
'Desperate, deluded, doomed': UK front pages react to Brexit latest
The latest plan follows the collapse of talks with the Labour party on Friday.
# mind yourself
Thank you for sharing your mental health experiences - that's why we share this award with you
Headline Ireland named as its Voice 2017 recipient for highlighting mental health experiences.
# the banner
8 headlines that could only happen in Clare
Banner headline.
# kildare now
This headline about a Kildare break-in features the best typo of all time
Criminals are just BRAZEN now, aren’t they?
# kerry's eye
Kerry's Eye is responsible for the best headline of the week
# rory's little sister
This Sky Sports headline about Naas is unintentionally filthy and hilarious
So immature.
# gobshite
An Irish judge called a defendant a 'gobshite' and inspired the best headline ever
If your Dad wrote headlines.
# misrepresented
Rosanna Davison has slammed this ‘misleading headline’ and says she is 100% feminist
(But still, don’t call her one)
# woman's way
Rosanna Davison has slammed this 'misleading headline' and says she is 100% feminist
(But still, don’t call her one)
# high jinks
This headline in the Mayo News missed out on a serious pun opportunity
Do it… DO IT.
# heaven is a place on earth
This newspaper headline is a thing of rare beauty
# oh wow
So the 'Best Headline of 2014' competition has a late winner
# stop the presses
This was the news story of 2014
Urgent and horrifying.
# Double-Jobbing
Have you got something to tell us, Benedict Cumberbatch?
Not an pengwing in sight.
# Double Take
This headline/photo combination is attention-grabbing, to say the least
Hint: Hitler is involved.
# what the f**k
This is the only newspaper headline you need to see today
Trust us.
# Game Over
Here's the single best headline about George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding
# cheesefest
The Guardian has the best headline about Kim Jong-Un you'll see today
“Cheese overdose”.
# big and hairy
This big, hairy headline fail in the Times will make you strain a cringe muscle
*holds head in hands*
# garthgate
The Garth Brooks headline in today's Metro Herald is pretty excellent
# stars and gripes
'Red, white and blew it' - Brilliant USA headline sums up World Cup heartbreak
We’re buzzing about the fine work delivered by the Sacramento Bee gang.
# Breaking News
Story of the year in the Indian Express
We’re on the edge of our seats.
# paper of record
Headline of the weekend: politicians are a "pile of f**king sh*ts"
An eightysomething tells it like it is.
# Redemption
Bayern lifts reporter ban after Sun's apology
The Daily Mirror, however, have yet to apologise and are still barred.
# Bravo
This headline about the end of Irish Psychics Live is perfect
Well played, Irish Times. Well played.
# annette curtain
The person who wrote this parish newsletter headline is our hero
Who is the mysterious Hugh Jarse?
# Outrage
'Protestant Elected': This Irish headline from 100 years ago is really something
# top work
This Daily Record headline about Obama is unstoppably good
# watery disaster
Could this be the greatest Daily Mail headline of all time?
We definitely think so.
# Gutter press
This BBC headline about a sewer is absolutely unbeatable
High fives all round.
# What?
Stop! 2013 has a last-minute winner for 'weirdest Irish headline'
It involves an Irish model, a dead snake, and a holiday in North Korea.
# pussy love
Chicago Tribune's perfect response after they put a kitten on their homepage
That really should say “puuurrfect”, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.
# whoops
Embarrassing 'Obama in Ireland' headline fail
Wow, the Obamas look different.
# Not Ok
PIC: Is this the worst newspaper headline ever?
When graphics go wrong.
# slippery when wet
Livin' on a Prayer: It's Bon Jovi for Slane 2013
It seems the rumour mill is true. Lay us down in a bed of roses etc.
# Slane 2013
Slane is back... who would you like to headline?
The big announcement will be made on Tuesday.
# Crime
Finally, The Streets Are Safe
Unfortunate headline placement of the day.
# dynamic duo
'Fatman and Robin (van Persie)' - Dutch media reacts to RVP transfer
De Telegraaf laid the blame/credit for this headline at the door of Arsenal supporters