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Hulk Hogan has just fallen for the oldest Twitter prank in the book


OH DEAR. NOT again.

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has just fallen for what has now become the oldest trick in the Twitter pranking book.

People Hulk Hogan Source: AP/Press Association Images

One ‘fan’ tweeted Hulk a Photoshopped picture of an older man, asking the wrestler to give his ‘grandad’ a retweet:

hulkhogan2 Source: Twitter/@HulkHogan

Most people who have been keeping up with international news over the last decade will recognise this man as Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who held his daughter captive for 24 years and fathered seven of her children.

Hulk isn’t the only celebrity to fall foul of this type of prank – last year, Donald Trump was duped into retweeting a picture of British serial killers Fred and Rosemary West.

image-122-482x500 Source: DailyEdge.ie

Trump later threatened to sue the user who tweeted him the image, saying:

I thought I was being nice to somebody re their parents. I guess this teaches you not to be nice or trusting. Sad!

At the time of writing, Hogan has not noticed the gaffe. More as we get it.

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