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Husband sells $23,000 wedding ring for a tenner
Until death do us part. Or you selling my wedding ring for ten dollars do us part.

HOW RAGING WOULD you be if your other half sold your wedding ring – while you were laid up in hospital giving birth?

Well, that’s the situation one California wife, Raquel Cloutier, found herself in last week. “Before I went to the hospital, I put my ring in that box. I wanted the ring to be in a safe place and out of reach from my 2-year-old twins,” Cloutier told ABC News. However, her husband was unaware that she had stowed the ring away for safe-keeping.

In order to keep the couple’s other children occupied as Raquel recuperated from childbirth, he brought the family to a local community yard sale. The box, containing the $23,000 ring, was snapped up by a woman for a mere $10. (For perspective, that’s about €17,250 and €7.50. Ouch.)

Ms Cloutier says she is “very, very upset” about losing the ring and that her husband “feels really terrible”. We bet.

Recent reports indicate the ring has not yet been recovered, which leads us to conclude that Eric Cloutier is almost certainly still sleeping on the couch.

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