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# the general
Brendan Gleeson to play Donald Trump in new TV mini-series
The four-hour miniseries will start shooting this November.
# me too
CBS boss leaves TV station following sexual harassment allegations
Leslie Moonves was one of the most respected executives in Hollywood until he was publicly accused earlier this year.
# New Beginning
Patrick Stewart to reprise Star Trek role as Jean-Luc Picard in new CBS series
The new series is to centre on Picard’s life post Star Trek: Next Generation.
# Trump
'Ok, it’s enough': Trump cuts short interview when pushed over Obama wiretap claim
Trump didn’t respond well to the interviewer’s line of questioning.
# Space invaders
A US news network just paid a visit to Skellig Michael and it was looking well
CBS in the house.
# Panic stations
Student gets garda escort to Leaving Cert exam after missing his bus
He arrived with four minutes to spare.
# The Late Show
Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as host of The Late Show
Letterman announced his plans to retire from the US talk show last week.
# Have you met Ted?
They're releasing an alternative How I Met Your Mother ending
Fans didn’t exactly love the first one.
# Los Angeles
Grandmother 'frozen alive' in hospital body bag, family claims
Relatives of Maria de Jesus Arroyo are suing the hospital where it happened.
# news from cbs
That's all folks: David Letterman to quit late night next year
He outlasted Leno. Now he’s happy.
# jfk50
Here is the moment CBS News announced JFK's death
Walter Cronkite was already an American icon on 22 November 1963, but these words etched him into history.
# Oh dear
Very rude altered sign interrupts tornado news report (NSFW)
# sirs
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan talk about their amazing friendship
It’s guy love, the love between two guys.
# Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad creator teaming up with the writer of House for a new project
And you’ll only have to wait until next year to see it.
# Charlie Rose
Syria’s Assad tells US television that he was not behind chemical attack
The interview is the first given by Assad in two years.
# Boston Marathon
Boston suspect wrote note before he was captured - report
The note reportedly refers to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing as ‘collateral damage’ for US action in Afghanistan and Iraq.
# Texas
VIDEO: Live local TV news coverage of the Texas explosion
Watch live video from the local CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth as it covers the explosion at a chemical plant in West.
# Picric Acid
Unstable chemical made safe at Tipperary school
Picric Acid, which can become unstable over time, was found at the Christian Brothers School in Thurles.
# Curses
CBS zoomed in on an angry, sweary basketball coach at a very unfortunate moment
You don’t need to be a lip-reader…
# Reel stories
Sports film of the week: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek
Meet the man who brought bookmaking into the mainstream in the United States, before a remarkable fall from grace.
# buttock crack
'Buttocks', 'breasts', 'thong costumes' - stars told to cover up at Grammys
Talk about a strict dress code.
# benghazi
Republican senator: Obama ‘covered up’ details of attack on consulate
Lindsey Graham says Obama’s administration is either misleading the US public, or it’s “incredibly incompetent”.
# Could do better
Letterman springs a history quiz on David Cameron
The talk show host presented the British prime minister with a citizenship challenge.
# Chemical
Unstable chemical made safe at Cork school
The army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal team carried out a controlled explosion on the substance.
# emerald isle classic
Contract dispute threatens sold-out American football game in Dublin
The Irish American Football Association is threatening High Court action against the US Naval Academy as they claim conditions under which Emerald Isle Classic event is to be held have not been met.
# possible spoiler
Did David Letterman give away a major Dark Knight spoiler on US TV?
He may have just been joking about a MAJOR detail of what happens in The Dark Knight Rises – but it’s hard to tell.
# Finger malfunction
Apology issued after M.I.A. flips the finger during Super Bowl show
The British singer also appeared to swear during the half-time show watched by tens of millions of people.
# Saved
Threat averted: The Simpsons renewed for 2 more years
America’s most famous family is to stick around for a little longer as Fox books season 24 and 25 of the long-running cartoon series.
# George Hook
Is George Hook turning into Andy Rooney?
George indulges in his “two cents’ worth” in online videos in the style of CBS veteran’s A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney…
# Ten Things
What was Obama thinking when his car got stuck?
David Letterman thinks he knows what Barack Obama was thinking as ‘The Beast’ became stuck on a high ramp.
# Lara Logan
CBS reporter assaulted in Egypt says she thought she was going to die
Lara Logan is speaking publicly about the February attack for the first time in a televised interview. She says her attackers “really enjoyed my pain and suffering”.
# Winning
CBS ‘wants Sheen to return’ to Two and a Half Men
Two weeks after it pulled the plug on the show, CBS is reported to be keen that Sheen return to duty. #Winning?
# Winning
Charlie Sheen to hit the road - in a 'violent torpedo of truth’
The oddball actor is selling tickets for live shows in Detroit and Chicago – though nobody’s quite sure what they’ll involve.
# Family Silver
Tony Curtis left his children nothing in will
An attempt to contest the will failed after legendary actor chose not to make provisions for his children.
# Caddy Shack
Tiger no longer the big draw for TV viewers
The Honda Classic had a distinctly off-Broadway feel this weekend, but golf fans are voting with their eyes.
# Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen finally dumped by Warner Bros
Two and a Half Men star celebrates the news while his lawyer says, “We will sue.”
# Work Can Wait
YouTube top 10: because we know what 'an over' is now
Classic Liverpool v Man U, a crazy camera view of a downhill ride and a little cricket.
# Charlie Sheen
Despite being on $2m per episode, Charlie Sheen claims he is underpaid
Fresh from saying he is high on a drug called ‘Charlie Sheen’ the actor says he is “A total frickin’ rockstar from Mars.”