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8 simple gourmet ice pops you can make at home

Summer is the perfect excuse.

IT’S SUMMER, SO the weather is as good as it’s ever going to be – which means that ice pops are absolutely OK. And even better if you can make them yourself, for added originality.

All you need is to get yourself some ice pop molds and dig into these great recipes:

1. Banana Nutella Fudge pops

icepop1 Source: kidspot

With just two simple ingredients, you can make these very easily and without breaking the bank. Head over to thevietvegan to get the full instructions*

*find out that it’s just bananas and nutella blended and frozen. Delicious.

2. Blackberry and grape ice pops

blackberry Source: veganinthefreezer

Again, two ingredients, and a total time of just 40 minutes including freezing make these as simple as anything you can make in your own gaff.

3. Coconut and mango ice pops

icepop3 Source: Little Epicurean

Combining the fruity taste of mango with the sweetness of coconut. Get the recipe over at the Little Epicurean blog now.

4. Strawberry yoghurt

strawberryyoghurt Source: Pint Sized Baker

The Pint sized Baker blog tells us that we only need vanilla yoghurt and a load of strawberries to make this a delicious reality.

5. Chocolate dipped peanut butter ice cream bars

icepop4 Source: My Darling Vegan

Compeltely decadent and with the added bonus of peanut butter. You’ll need slightly more ingredients than the others, but they’re worth it by the looks of things.

6. Oreo cookies and cream


Again, relatively complicated, but still within reach for us mere ice pop mortals. Go to Eugenie Kitchen to find out the full recipe and there’s even a YouTube tutorial to talk you through it.

7. Iced coffee

icepopss Source: View From Great Island

The View From Great Island talk you through this one – and if you’re a fan of coffee then you can’t really go wrong here.

8. Mango banana

mangobanna Source: ZS Cup of Tea

And finally, ending on the most fruity note possible, the banana/mango combination is only the most summery ice pop you could ever dream of making. The zs cup of tea blog will see to it that it goes swimmingly.

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