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We tried the first ever In-N-Out burgers sold in Ireland

Dublin has been hit with famous burger fever.


Update 1.15pm: In-N-Out burger has already sold out of all its food – leaving many hungry Dubliners disappointed. 

SO, AS ALL fast food lovers of Dublin know already, America’s famous In-N-Out burger has just opened a pop-up shop for four hours on Millenium Walkway.

It opened its doors at 11am this morning, and was first in line to try the famous West Coast burger out.

The menu for the Dublin pop-up was supposed to include In-N-Out’s famous animal fries - which adds cheese, In-N-Out’s secret spread, and grilled onions right on top of the chips - but because of a mix-up with the potatoes, there were no fries available in Dublin.

Still, their Double-Double burger (€4) and Cheeseburger (€3) would have to suffice, and they looked like this:

innout3 The first ever In-N-Out burgers sold in Ireland.

The location In-N-Out is using in Dublin is usually Asian restaurant Bread & Bones - but it was transformed into a full blown American branded burger joint today.

At 11am though, word had not yet reached the burger-loving people of Dublin, as the place was deserted as ordered the first ever In-N-Outs on Irish soil:

2015-09-18 11.10.13

Outside the pop-up, an American woman walked past and looked with bemusement at the In-N-Out sign – clearly recognising its iconic status in the States – and simply said:

Really? Really?

A Scottish hen party also strolled past and asked how much the burgers cost. Once told, they kept walking, perhaps not realising that this was held in such high esteem by fast food lovers the world over.

However, before anyone gets carried away with themselves, the manager for the day confirmed to that this does not mean In-N-Out have plans to set up here, and that it’s all just for promotional purposes.

Once you ordered, you were given a little In-N-Out keyring and this sticker

2015-09-18 11.10.40

Given the “no delay” slogan, there was a slight contradiction in that had to wait a snip over 15 minutes to finally get its hands on a burger. But given it was the first one made, the kitchen can surely get a pass on that.

So, what does the In-N-Out burger taste like?

Here it is in real life:


We gathered a round table of and taste testers to put the burger through its paces. Did it live up to the hype?

It’s undoubtedly a delicious burger. My only quibble is the inclusion of very largely cut onions – can’t deal with that level of onion at all, and if it has to be there, I would prefer it finely diced. There’s no arguing with the delicious sauce, bun and burger though. Top.

Others weren’t so positive:

It’s a grand burger but don’t believe the hype. The bun, the lettuce and the onion are all very fresh but the burger patty leaves a lot to be desired and is little different to what you might get in Maccies or Supermacs. The lack of fries to accompany it was a huge disappointment. Overall, I’d still prefer a Bunsen or a Five Guys.


But one could certainly see it working here (although it looks like a long shot that it will reach these shores any time soon):

It definitely has more flavour than your typical fast food burger. All the toppings are fresh, which can sometimes be the downfall of other fast food places where the lettuce can look a little tired. Price point seems good to me too so I think the Irish would lap it up if they were to come here.

Final thoughts on these much sought after meat creations?

Yeah, I thought the actual burgers themselves were delish. I don’t know about the hype, but it’s a tasty enough burger – no question.
I think it tastes like a glorified McDonalds burger and I think that the onion is far too prominent for the size. The bun is ideal, a major plus and I’d also give it cheese points. Perfectly gooey.

Also on sale in the pop-up shop were these In-N-Out branded tshirts for €4. Burger chic at its finest

2015-09-18 11.15.22 (1)

Despite the barren wasteland that was the restaurant at 11.30am, since then the enthusiastic people of Dublin have descended on Millennium Walkway with vigour.

There is actually a wristband system in place, such is demand

And the queue is pandemonium as of 12.30pm – just one hour after there wasn’t a peep to be heard

They mobilised fast.

And there is now a complex wristband system in place for those queuing – one colour for those to go in now, and one colour to return later

Good luck out there, everyone.

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