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30 things nobody ever told you about your 30s

Staying in is the new going out.

FACEBOOK FOUNDER MARK Zuckerberg turns 30 today.

Here’s what’s ahead of him, the pup:

1. You care less and less about birthdays

true-story-old-age Wordpress Wordpress

2.  In fact, you start to forget what age you are

My age BlogSpot BlogSpot

3. You start planning your hangovers


4. You pay attention to the labels on clothes

No more of this:

lPIgi8v Imgur Imgur

5. It’s okay to stay in on a Friday night

My friday night: - Imgur Imgur Imgur

6. And on a Saturday night

You can watch all the stuff you ‘taped’ on your UPC/SKY box during the week, you clever divil.


7. An alarming number of conversations about running start taking place

screen-shot-2013-05-20-at-4-33-06-pm Irunwithit Irunwithit

8. You reel with shock when you realise that Sabrina the Teenage Witch is now 38

40th Annual People's Choice Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles © Chase Rollins / AFF-USA.COM © Chase Rollins / AFF-USA.COM / AFF-USA.COM

9. And that Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman is 19 years old

Intergalactic CHRIST!

Michał Urbaniak / YouTube

10. And that Olivia from the Cosby Show is 28

'Sister Act' After Party - New York Charles Sykes Charles Sykes

giphy Likeable Likeable

11. There are people you work with who weren’t born when Italia ’90 took place

packie Packie can't believe it either. INPHO / Billy Stickland INPHO / Billy Stickland / Billy Stickland

12. And they’ve never heard of Blackboard Jungle


13. Getting ID-ed might just be the highlight of your week

L7 Actionagogo Actionagogo

14. It’s no longer cute when a child calls you a “that lady” in the supermarket

Finger wag BlogSpot BlogSpot

15. The line between ‘pyjamas’ and ‘it’s okay to go to Tesco in these, right?’ becomes increasingly blurred


16. The shops are now selling all the clothes you wore as a teenager, but this time they’re ‘retro’

outfits ABC ABC

17. You find yourself thinking “is that a boy or a girl”?


18. You’re genuinely shocked at young people and their get ups

Hands up if you’ve thought this:

Maybe if she was wearing a coat I wouldn’t be able to see her arse cheeks.

19. Facebook = baby pictures and inspirational quotes

In my 30s. MRW looking at all the photos on my FB feed - Imgur Imgur Imgur

20. You start to accumulate unexplained injuries

“Bad knee”, “dicky back”, “sure I’ve got my ankle” – you can mention any of these without being asked what dreadful calamity befell you.

tumblr_n2ev48CAXZ1qlqt0ao1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

 21. And worry a LOT about your feet

bunions I can haz cheezburger I can haz cheezburger

22. Mortgage talk. Mortgage talk everywhere

Not-haunted-real-estate-meme-lol-lulzBecause-if-It-Were-That-Would-Be-a-Selling-Point-funny-sign1 Davincirealtygroup Davincirealtygroup

23. You have to make an effort/timetable to see your friends

man Shutterstock Shutterstock

24. You choose to go somewhere based on the seating/decibels of music

You wants loads of the first thing, and a tiny amount of the second.

music-too-loud Thejournal Thejournal

25. Online dating is a totally acceptable way to meet someone

I mean, isn't this what everyone does on Saturday night? - Imgur Imgur Imgur

26. You have friends or acquaintances who are not only married, but have failed marriages

Divorce attorney business card - Imgur Imgur Imgur

27. You become less and less gracious about invitations to weddings/baby showers/hen parties/stag parties

hens .martin. .martin.

28. You still end up going to 7 weddings a year

hGvwk Imgur Imgur

29. Going to bed is the best part of your day

tumblr_mpzkf0iHS51saj2l8o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

30. Your mother was right

About everything.

The 16 stages of clothes washing rage>

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