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13 signs you are well and truly an Instagram addict

And proud.

1. You can’t stand being on ten likes

11likes Source: Twitter/@MrSims95

Gotta get those precious eleven likes – when the names turn to numbers, and the numbers turn to respect.

2. You have a favourite filter

instagram-filters Source: Clixfuel

Valencia 4ever.

3. And a hated filter

Long streets, longer shadows. #filtered #kelvin

A photo posted by Roberta Winters (@rwintersphotography) on

“Why is anybody still using Kelvin?” – you, worrying deep into the night.

3. You check obsessively for the orange notification after posting a photo

Instagram-Notification Source: Amazon

And if a photo gets too few likes, you delete it, and consider deleting your account and your life while you’re at it.

4. You have specific Instagram accounts you check daily

Couldn't decide on one.

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

5. And you feel a bit put out when they don’t update often enough

Eh, excuse me. Where are the carefully curated photos of your life?

6. You have taken a picture like this

Another @juicewarrior delivery - couldn't help myself, they do the best juices! ❤️

A photo posted by KATE LA VIE (@kate.lavie) on

And you spent a significant amount of time doing it.

7. And this

#sundayvibes #officevibes #somanyvibes

8. You have delayed eating your food to get a good pic

You’re not proud of it, but THINK OF THE LIKES.

9. You regularly find yourself years back in someone’s account

spy Source: Gurl

It’s a very easy thing to do! And you learn so much.

10. Nothing makes you angrier than this

failed-upload Source: Whoismatt

11. You know what ‘lb’ and ‘row for row’ mean

Not that you would ever USE them. You’re not that tacky.

12. Getting a great pic is a stellar achievement in your eyes

Can I help you?

A post shared by Rachel Antonoff (@rachelantonoff) on

“The timing was just… right. You know?”.

13. But you know that Instagram is an addition to the fun, not a replacement for it

Kim knows:

giphy Source: Giphy

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