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Having trouble scrolling on your giant new iPhone 6? Buy a 'thumb extender'


AT 5.5 INCHES in length, the new iPhone 6 Plus isn’t exactly thumb-friendly. 

Thankfully, Japanese company Thanko is selling ‘thumb extenders’ – simply pop the thumb-shaped stylus over your own digit and use to scroll to your heart’s content.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-24_at_9.56.35_AM Daily Dot Daily Dot

The Wall Street Journal reports that the fake thumb adds around 15 millimetres to the length of your regular old thumb, giving you much more swiping power.

The product existed before the iPhone 6 Plus was even released (those Samsung Galaxies are massive, yo) but with Chr*stmas (sorry) just around the corner, they could be the perfect gift for the massive phone-owner in your life.

Here it is in action:

博康山光 / YouTube

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