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Stay Classy

12 of Ireland's most Ron Burgundy moments ever

Stay classy, Ireland.

1. “Good morning from Kerry Today?”

radiok Radio Kerry Radio Kerry


2. This delicious shade from Sharon Ní Bheoláin

Finian Murray / YouTube

“Your job is okay — this time.”

giphy (20)

3. When Vincent Browne mangled the pronunciation of “Kimye”

Vincent was so befuddled by the word that he didn’t even get the opportunity to appreciate the “leash” pun.

4. When David Davin-Power sabotaged his co-worker Bryan Dobson…

And then five minutes later…

Playful sabotage, but sabotage nonetheless.

giphy (21) Gifbay Gifbay

5. When Sharon Ní Bheoláin vanquished a pesky fly live on air

Nobody interrupts Sharon Ní Bheoláin.

giphy (19) countcocofangle / Tumblr countcocofangle / Tumblr / Tumblr

6. Siobhan Ryan getting caught giving herself a little pep talk before going on air

William Finnegan / YouTube

7. When Eileen Dunne was caught unawares and played with some sheets of paper for a while

8. “Can we just go back to the very start of that?”

irishentertainments / YouTube

9. When Orla O’Donnell just ~ disappeared ~

insta YouTube YouTube

And Aengus was like, “Emmmm.”

insta YouTube YouTube

10. When Mark Cagney dropped this clanger…

insta YouTube YouTube

A lesson in why you should read the autocue carefully.

11. And who could forget this?

You stay classy, Aengus.

12. When Pat Kenny read out this rather unfortunate text…

Martin Murray / YouTube

And Des Cahill had to break it to him.

13. And in case RTÉ’s credentials were ever in doubt…

anne YouTube YouTube

Don’t forget Anne Doyle was literally featured in the trailer for Anchorman 2.


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