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# Stay Classy
Reporters from Channel 4, ITV and Sky News gloriously spoofed the fight scene from Anchorman
# Anchorman
The League of Ireland's very own 'N'Golo Kanté' thriving in Cork City's midfield
Conor McCormack has been a vital component in John Caulfield’s team this season.
# adam mckay
The Big Short director wants his latest film to make you angry
We spoke to him about his latest movie – and future projects.
Watch the moment a Sky News anchor said the f-word very loudly live on air
# Stay Classy
12 of Ireland's most Ron Burgundy moments ever
Stay classy, Ireland.
# i love lamp
Watch this news anchor be duped into having a real life Ron Burgundy moment
“In other news…”
# Anchorman
Off The Ball presenter Ger Gilroy joins UTV Ireland's sports team
Newtalk’s sports editor will line out with Marie Crowe and Bernard O’Toole for a weekly slot on Friday nights.
# looking well
Toners of Baggot Street looks terribly inviting in new American travel show
There’s no place like an Irish pub.
# tommy bolger
The Wolf of UL is back with this brilliant Anchorman spoof
“You stay classy, UL.”
# super stag
What are Paul Rudd and Peter Dinklage doing in Donegal?
Photos of the lads in Killybegs are popping up online.
# i love lamp
8 movies that people need to stop quoting, right now
Are you guilty of over-quoting?
# Classy
Even if you're sick of Anchorman, you'll still like Morgan Hoffman's golf clubs
When in San Diego…
# Let's hear it for the boys
10 things Irish lads love
Besides their mammies, obviously.
# stay fluffy
You know you want to see the cat version of Anchorman
It’s the legend of Ron Furgandy.
# taste test
Anchorman cast take the ultimate Irish taste test: Tayto versus King
What do they prefer? WE MUST KNOW.
# tellywatch
Anchorman in Ireland jerseys... and 4 other weekend TV highlights
Whether you’re heading out or staying in, we’ve got the telly for you.
# double whammy
Anchorman 2 stars hit Dublin red carpet, sign some faces... generally remain classy
Newsteam, assemble!!
# afternoon delight
Former Dubs star Shane Ryan sings in school's Anchorman parody
Boy, that escalated quickly.
# DCU Vs Trinity
DCU and Trinity face off in a reenactment of Anchorman's fight scene
Watch the video here.
# scotchy scotch scotch
Ron Burgundy gets his own scotch, finally
Down into my belly.
# Anchorman
Steve Carell's original audition for Anchorman is fascinating and brilliant
Genius at work.
# stay classy north dakota
Ron Burgundy anchored a real evening news bulletin in North Dakota
It finally happened.
# great ryan's raven
Ron Burgundy has a Late Late Toy Show message for you
You stay classy Toy Show.
# i'm ron burgundy
Ron Burgundy to make sports commentary debut in Canada this weekend
The legendary alter-ego of comedian Will Ferrell will lend his voice to a curling showdown christened ‘Roar of the Rings’.
# snow storm
"It's time we had a talk...": Colorado news anchor is sick of viewers' patio snow photos
We’re surprised Martin King hasn’t done this yet.
# that educated quickly
University school of communication to become the 'Ron Burgundy School of Communication'
GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN! Where do we sign up?
# Cannonball
Will Ferrell and Anchorman 2 cast coming to Dublin for premiere
The arsonist has oddly shaped feet.
# Great oDin's raven
Sportscaster delivers an entire bulletin as Ron Burgundy
The human torch was denied a bank loan.
# glass case of emotion
Ben and Jerry's announce Ron Burgundy inspired ice cream
# Anchorman
Ron Burgundy has a book, and here's the cover
The book description is every bit as good as you’d expect.
# Anchorman 2
Look at Ron Burgundy's new jacket in Anchorman 2!
The first stills have been released. They’re quite something.
# the legend of
Aengus Mac Grianna is at it again
Oh the tribulations of a live RTE newscast…
# Con artists
14 of the coolest costumes seen at Comic Con
A little more fancy than a black sack.
# Stay Classy
Anchorman retold as an 8-bit arcade game
He may look a little different, but he’s STILL RON BURGUNDY.
# burgundy's back
Here's the full official trailer for Anchorman 2!
# the next episode
News anchor Brian Williams rapping Snoop Dogg
News ain’t nuthin but a G thang.
# rich mahogany
Ron Burgundy exhibit to open in museum in Washington
The exhibit will feature Ron’s jazz flute.
# bitter rivalry
This newsreader and weather forecaster REALLY don't like each other
Today, the weather will be passive aggressive.
# a right messer
Morning show presenter pulls a real life Anchorman on his co-host
She’s Ron Burgundy?
# Stay Classy
WATCH: Newsreaders dropping F-bombs left, right and centre
You’d never catch Anne Doyle at this.