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oh ireland

12 'Irish' images that have taken the internet by storm

According to Imgur.

cork imgur imgur

OCCASSIONALLY IRELAND COMES out top on viral image sharing sites like Imgur, be it through wit, beauty or plain old ridiculousness.

Here are 10 of the most popular Ireland-related pictures to ever rise to the top on Imgur, which measures virality though ‘points’ (generated via users liking or unliking an image) and views.

12. ‘Ireland has spoken’

Posted three months ago, as Ireland prepared to vote YES to marriage equality.

may irishbiscuits on reddit pics irishbiscuits on reddit pics

Comments included:

If Ireland can manage it, that gives me hope for other countries.
Is Ireland cancelling the vote because they saw a rainbow and just putting it through regardless?

11. ‘Says it all really’

This touching tweet with its positive message garnered almost 7,000 imgur points and almost a million views.

castle vertigo01 via reddit ireland vertigo01 via reddit ireland

Top comment:

Man, the bars in Ireland are going to be doing killer business from both sides.

10. ‘Oh My God Ireland’

These statues at Victoria’s Way, an Indian sculpture garden in Roundwood, were jaw dropping enough to get them into the eighth spot.



stat ge3kygecko on imgur ge3kygecko on imgur

The collection of images came with a ‘statue-nipples’ warning.

9. ‘Only in Ireland’

Only in Ireland can people badly photoshop signs? We smell a rat with this one. Didn’t stop it clocking up 1.2 million views and more than 6,000 imgur points.

cross schmoker on reddit pics schmoker on reddit pics

8. ‘So two Irish teenagers stole a doormat from a local nightclub and posed with their prize for a photo. Nightclub staff found the photo on FB. This was their response’

carbon jasperdillon on imgur jasperdillon on imgur

We all remember the tale of the Carbon Nightclub doormat, right?

The lads did get in back in in the end. There’s a video and everything.

Their caper garnered 7,656 points and almost 400,000 views on imgur.

7. ‘This is the most Irish fb hack I’ve seen in a while’


This image from six months ago scored 7,500 imgur points, but actually turned out to be a fake. The image is an old one of some US priests winning at the selfie game. It was claimed that the image was manipulated to ”get onto The Lad Bible”. A noble pursuit.

6. ‘Guy in Ireland builds the most amazing looking batsuit’

batman ifitsnsfwsenditmyway on imgur ifitsnsfwsenditmyway on imgur

As is often the case with content on imgur and Reddit, images and gifs may be on the site as a result of ‘reposting’ or not being ‘OC’ or original content.

In the case of this image of a homemade Batman suit, the poster conceded “I haven’t seen this yet, so sorry if it’s a repost. I had to share this amazing looking Batman Cosplay”.

The costume was created by Julian Checkley, who runs the Order 66 Creatures and Effects studio in Galway.

5. ‘Cork, Ireland’

Seven months ago this image gained 2.2 million views and 7,300 points on Imgur.

The top comment served to clarify that it was “*Cobh, County Cork, Ireland”, while the third comment claimed “as an Irish man this is a FAKE picture, it is not raining”.

cork imgur imgur

4. ‘You would think that it would be gold at the end of our Irish rainbows’.

Nope, it’s Guinness.

guinn thuglife7196RIP via Reddit Pics thuglife7196RIP via Reddit Pics

3. ‘oh Ireland’

Speaks for itself really.





ireland6 funkykitten on imgur funkykitten on imgur




Top comment:

As an Irish person, I was surprised by how offensive “c*nt” was in North America when I moved here. Much to the dismay of those around me.

The comedy comes via Reginal D Hunter.

2. ‘There was a twister spotted in Ireland yesterday’

‘We will rebuild’.

XR59zo9 - Imgur impunbelieveable on imgur impunbelieveable on imgur

This simply wonderful gif is just three months old but holds the distinction of being the highest scoring image related to Ireland on Imgur: 17.6k points and counting, with 1.5 million views.

1. ‘This is the Irish sport of hurling, a cross between field hockey and murder’

cdNFX0f - Imgur ramblerandgambler on reddit ramblerandgambler on reddit

More than 3.1 million views, over 13,000 points. Hurling sure did capture the imagination and prompted comments like:

Completely amateur sport with no wages. Murderers on the pitch, teachers, firemen and plumbers off it.


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