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6 of Ireland's worst hangovers of recent years


1. Last weekend

Halloween and payday broke so many people.

 2. 5 January 2014

Not quite prepared to let go of the spirit of Christmas just yet, Sunday 5 January 2015 saw many people paying for tearing the arse out of it the night before.

3. 11 January 2015

Unofficially dubbed ‘The Day After Dry January Went Out The Window’, despite all of the good intentions to just go to the cinema and then home.

4. 27 December 2011

Or any 27 Decemeber, to be fair

5. 18 March 2013

And 18 March is bound to see more sore heads than usual, but when St Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday and the next day is a bank holiday, bad and dreadful things happen.

6. 24  May 2015

#HomeToVote lifted our spirits, #HungoverForEquality soothed our souls.

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