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11 delicious Irish comfort foods that hit the spot, every time

We’ll take the lot, thanks.

SO YOU’VE HAD a bad day. You’re hungover, you’re tired, it’s raining, and you just give up. Who can you turn to? Food. Always food.

Here are 11 Irish comfort foods that you can always rely on.

1. Your mam’s stew

13393166514_f3581055c0_k Source: Flickr/jeffreyww

Significantly better than anything you could purchase or make yourself.

2. Toast with real butter

Served with a cup of tea. Simple, but so, so good.

3. Coddle

coddle Source: Wikipedia

A Dublin classic that’s not pretty, but heartwarming to boot.

4. A filthy 3-in-1

three-in-one Source: Facebook/Long Fang Kitchen

The cure for pretty much everything – hangovers, broken hearts, 4am post-night out hunger pangs, the lot.

5. Runny boiled eggs and toast soldiers

5514568964_58ae3c7a64_b Source: Flickr/yortw

For when you want to feel like a child again.

6. Shepherd’s pie

365.223: Shepherd's pie Source: Flickr/wordridden

See that? LAYERS of comfort.

7. Your mam’s Sunday roast

365.121: Sunday roast Source: Flickr/wordridden

Chicken or beef, roast spuds, stuffing, carrots, gravy… Sorry, we got distracted there.

8. A sossy sambo

A slice of fresh bread, ketchup, two sausages. Fold over the bread. Bliss.

9. Basically, anything wrapped in bread

ChipButty Source: Wikimedia

Chips. Rashers. Put it in a sandwich and be healed.

10. Fish and chips from the chipper

Fish and Chips Source: Flickr/russellstreet

Don’t you dare skimp on the salt and vinegar.

11. A good carvery

10532340_212752582227018_2702481812030548757_n Source: Facebook/Silver Tassie Hotel

The true definition of a ‘feed’. Pile your plate high and don’t be ashamed.

What’s your favourite Irish comfort food? Tell us in the comments.

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