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11 Irish couples that will give you serious relationship goals

So much goals.

IRISH COUPLES KNOW how to do it.

1. These badass newlyweds

Dubliners David Rearon and Zara Johnston came across some vikings in Wicklow so took a wedding photo they won’t forget.

2288681 Source: David Hollywood

2. This inspirational pair that prove you’re never too old to find love

2391816 Source: Humans of Dublin

The couple’s photo, shared on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page is captioned:

“What’s the secret to a long lasting relationship?”

“Don’t ask me, we’re a fresh couple, we’re together only six months!”

“May I ask how you met?”

“On a holiday in the Bahamas. We both missed the bus back to the village!”

3. This pair of stylish lovebirds

4. This couple in Boyle who stopped their wedding to but a bet on the Grand National

2056952 Source: boldeelox

5. The fairytale photo taken of one of the first same sex marriages in Ireland

Wayne Dough and DJ O’Hanlon’s amazing wedding photography at Harvey’s Point in Donegal was taken just after same-sex marriage was written into law in Ireland. It soon went viral, and for good reason.

2452635 Source: Paul McGinty, Ghorm Photography

6. This couple who did a photoshoot with their puppy

Constantly being asked when a baby is on the way? Make like Abby and Matt and let everyone know your baby is your dog.

11905794_402213483312865_209592587992380078_n Source: Elisha Minnette

11873403_402213396646207_8516426945488862446_n Source: Elisha Minnette

11891148_402213493312864_4474765654493611440_n Source: Elisha Minnette

11896155_402213423312871_2176487863640076316_n Source: Elisha Minnette

All images via Elisa Minnette photography.

7. This couple who met on Irish Rail

Geraldine McCauley and Ciaran O’Keeffe met on the Coolmine platform in 2013, and are soon to be married. Read the full story here. You CAN marry train boy afterall.

8. This couple, and the epic entrance to their wedding reception

Source: Paul Hughes Video/YouTube

9. Or this Donegal couple with similar ideas

Source: Paul Doherty/YouTube

11. And finally… this couple who decided to leg it through locusts in Greece… just because

Source: Richard Murphy/YouTube

Banter merchants.


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