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8 ways you'll know you were an Irish dancing kid

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IF YOU WENT TO school in Ireland, you more than likely attended an Irish dancing class or two.

Some did it only because they were forced to by mothers and teachers. Some fell in love with the dance, and it became more than just a pastime. It became a way of life.

Here’s how you know you were one of those kids.

You look back on the days when you could touch your nose to your shin fondly

All Scotland Championships 2013 Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Your high kick was legendary. And not a bother on you!

You naturally stand with one leg in front of the other

irishstance Source: Flickr/ronnie44052

It’s actually very comfortable, thanks.

There are pictures like this all over your family home

World Irish Dancing Championships Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

You still have all your old dancing shoes somewhere

dancingshoes Source: Flickr/Cindy Funk

From your tiny soft shoes to your first pair of hard shoes to your most recent pair, which still fit you…they may come in handy.

Jean Butler and Michael Flatley are still your idols, a little bit

tumblr_ms22b4LYwJ1qcluu2o1_500 Source: Tumblr

And you’re still moved to tears by Riverdance. Mostly tears of jealousy, but tears nonetheless.

Your feet have never really recovered from it all

Love-and-Other-Drugs Source: Mashable

Trying to break in hard shoes a couple of sizes too small (all to get you higher on your toes) will do that to you.

You can’t believe how it’s gotten nowadays

18/4/2011. World Irish Dancing Championships Dubli Source: EamonnFarrell/Photocall Ireland

The fake tan. The elaborate dresses. The glitter. Those WIGS. What has that got to do with your step two threes at all?

Yet you are planning to send your children to Irish dancing class

glenntacco Source: Pleated-jeans

And when the time comes around, you’ll probably stuff them into a wig and paint them mahogany, because it’s what you have to do to WIN.

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