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11 adorable Irish dogs you need to follow on Instagram

Attention, dog lovers! You need to follow these pups.

THINK INSTAGRAM IS just for selfies and celebrities? Think again.

Brighten up your timeline with these pooches.

1. Rúibín ruibin_rua 

Rúibín is a King Charles  - Irish Terrier mix and is 100% adorable.

Look at his little face!

2. Ollie and Penny (twospoiltsausages)

Ollie and Penny are two sausage dogs who have quite the social media presence. (They also have a Twitter.)

Sure, look at them.

Good evening! I was out for walkies with @olliespetcare today in #phoenixpark 🎾🐶🐾 #dogs #ollieandpenny #twospoiltsausages

A post shared by Ollie & Penny 🐶🐶 (@twospoiltsausages) on

It's us - only younger! 💚👀🐶 #throwbackthursday #twospoiltsausages #ollieandpenny #dogs

A post shared by Ollie & Penny 🐶🐶 (@twospoiltsausages) on

Someone is sleepy after her busy day! 🐶🐾🎀 #ollieandpenny #snoozes #dogs #sleepy

A post shared by Ollie & Penny 🐶🐶 (@twospoiltsausages) on

3. Ollie’s Petcare (@olliespetcare)

Ollie and Penny’s owners, meanwhile, run a petcare business in Dublin and post photos of the mutts in their care on their own Instagram.

A must follow for all dog lovers.

Ahum....someone had fun in the puddles today! 😬🐶🐾💦 #samoyed #opcpolo #santrypark #olliespetcare

A post shared by Ollie's Petcare - Meath/Dublin (@olliespetcare) on

Lovely walk in the park with Polo today! 🐶🐾💕 #opcpolo #samoyed #dogs #olliespetcare

A post shared by Ollie's Petcare - Meath/Dublin (@olliespetcare) on

4. Ashford Wolfhounds (@ashford_wolfhounds)

Cronan and Garvan are the wolfhounds who reside in Ashford Castle. Photos from their morning walks are uploaded to Instagram every day.

Would you be able?

I am two today!!!#irishwolfhounds #wolfhounds #ashfordcastle #dogsofinstagram #redcarnation

A photo posted by Cronan And Garvan (@ashford_wolfhounds) on

Last night. Not really enough room for two!!!#ashfordcastle #wolfhounds #irishwolfhounds #redcarnation #dogsofinstagram

A post shared by Cronan And Garvan (@ashford_wolfhounds) on

5. Phoenix (@phoenix_pudding)

We’re calling it now — Phoenix has the best hair in Ireland.

6. Jake (@jakefiles)

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier with the most attitude in Ireland.


7. Bearded Charlie (@bearded_charlie)

Charlie is a rescue dog who is described as “Born in Ireland and Brazilian by heart”.

We’re willing to bet that his beard is the envy of hipsters everywhere.

Cold! Very cold today 😦

A post shared by Bearded Charlie (@bearded_charlie) on

👀 Whatever that is... I WANT! 😋

A post shared by Bearded Charlie (@bearded_charlie) on

8. Sheldon the Bully (sheldonthebully)

Sheldon is an adorable bulldog who has the best bio of anyone on Instagram. “Bitch magnet, farting expert, food lover”.

So sassy, Sheldon.

9. Frankie The Sausage Dog (francois_the_sausage)

This little fella is a miniature dachsund who looks perfect for petting and cuddling <3

Wtf is this? #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshundoftheday #miniaturedachshund #dappledachshund #dogsofinstagram #puppylove #dog #snow #dogsofdublin

A photo posted by Frankie The Sausage Dog (@francois_the_sausage) on

10. Fiona Manly (@model_mutts)

So. Many. Dog. Photos.

11. Pandora (@pandoraboxerpup)

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Pandora is Pandorable.

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