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11 Irish food habits that totally baffle people abroad

They need to come here and sample the weird deliciousness.

TO THE WORLD, some of our foods appear to be confusing and upsetting in equal measure.

There are some things they just can’t get their head around:

1. Like the very concept of curry cheese chips

1361547803_561703_449576815101679_1109837085_n Source: Macarisratoath

Grated cheese on top. It naturally confuses people.

2. And the fact that we make sandwiches from the same ingredients

chipscehe Source: Twitter

3. Our unique phrasing for meal times is perplexing

mashed taters Source: plasticrevolver

4. The fact that coddle exists

coddle Source: Wikipedia

If you haven’t heard of it, well…

5. Coleslaw as an all-purpose sandwich filler

Coleslaw Source: mdid

It goes with EVERYTHING.

6. How Ireland’s basic flavour of crisps is cheese & onion

11919013_f520 Source: Hubimg

The flavour is elswhere, of course, but nowhere is it the default crisp setting.

7. And the fact that crisp sandwiches are a universally-loved meal

CHTnPTxUEAAmVR4 Source: Aer Lingus

8. The 3 in 1 has intrigued so many in 2015

B7_VaxDCAAAyxzR Source: BuzzWirePhotog/Twitter

Back in August, Buzzfeed wrote an article about this new “secret way of eating curry.”

They were talking about the 3 in 1. And it really confused them that you can get rice AND chips in there. It’s a classic here.

9. As has the humble black pudding

Hawksmoor, Spitalfields, London Source: Ewan-M

pudding4 Source: Reddit

Everyone in the US was seriously confused as to what it could be.

10. Our national love for garlic sauce

We’ll have it on/beside everything, please.

11. Dolloping an absolute load of butter on to potatoes before eating them is also a necessity that confounds many

Mashed potatoes with a pad of butter Source: quinn.anya

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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