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10 times the world got a glimpse into what Irish food is really like
“You eat WHAT?”

1.When the internet fell in love with this fry back in 2014 they got an idea what a proper Full Irish looks like

bpAEGE8 Imgur Imgur

2. Who could forget the time Luke Skywalker himself introduced millions of people to Smokey Bacon Tayto

Typical response: “WHAT is that?”

3. This monstrous Christmas dinner gave the world an insight into how we do things on December 25th

xmasdinner Imgur Imgur

4. While America discovered what black pudding was when this photo went viral on Imgur

fullirishpudding Imgur Imgur

Is it… charcoal?

pudding2 Reddit Reddit

5. Eva Longoria introduced Jameson and Cheese & Onion Tayto to the masses who’ve probably never heard of the latter

Whosay Whosay

6. The internet knows what an Irish BBQ looks like now

barbecue Imgur Imgur

7. And our latest cutting edge cuisine

boxit Imgur Imgur

8. When Buzzfeed discovered what a 3 in 1 is, you can be sure there were millions of people stumbling on the concept for the first time

buzzfeed Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

9. When Una Healy returned home to Thurles, she shared her Spice Bag with 550,000 followers

“Eh… what is this?”

^everyone, probably.

10. And finally… when Reddit discovered Billy Roll thanks to this picture

jW71ZEd Imgur Imgur

The response:

If I opened my lunch sandwich and saw this looking back at me I’d lose my f**king mind.

Bon Appetite, lads.

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