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10 reasons why Irish food is way superior to American food

Evidence within.

IRISH FOOD IS greater than American food in many ways, and let us provide the evidence.

1. Sausage rolls > Corn dogs

adog Source: Imgur/Real Mom Kitchen

Our beautiful sausage rolls taste far superior to crusty corn dogs. Corn dogs are like a hot dog dipped in batter, but sausage rolls are sausage meat enveloped in a delicious flaky pastry and certainly not served on a stick.

2. Biscuits > Cookies

Let’s be real, there’s not enough variety and too much sugar in American cookies. Give us a tin of, ironically, USA biscuits, any day.

acookiesu Source: centrefillings.co.uk, nearof.com

3. Tayto > Lay’s

Enough said. The States think they own crisps, but alas, they are wrong.


4. Scones > biscuits

What we call scones, the States call biscuits. They eat them with jam, butter, and… gravy. Disturbing.

aokk Source: bbcgoodfood

5. Irish gravy > their monstrous creation

If you are sensitive to upsetting images, please look elsewhere now. Gravy in the States is a lot less appetising than the delicious Knorr we all know and love.

ahello Source: atypicallyrelevant, eatapedia

6. Potato waffles > sweet waffles

Sweet waffles are all well and good, but they’re nowhere near as resilient or satisfying to have with dinner as potato waffles are.

awaffles Source: dishmaps.com

7. Rashers > Bacon

Imagine not having access to a rasher sandwich of a Sunday morning. Imagine that? Imagine you had to put up with some grisly bacon instead? Shudders.

download Source: Wikimedia

8. Our chocolate > Their chocolate

There’s way too much sugar in American chocolate and it kinda tastes like we imagine baby vomit might. Cadbury’s wins this round.


9. Chips > Fries

Give us a manky big bag of chipper chips in a brown bag over flimsy little fries, ANY DAY.


10. Our salads are superior

American salads are JUST A BOWL OF LEAVES. Where are the slices of ham, what of the boiled egg? The salad cream? The cheese singles?

11050645_10155792061655574_1309436338588751045_n Source: Facebook Kerry Doyle

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