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What you can tell about an Irish guy by looking at his shoes

It’s all in the footwear.

THE MEN OF Ireland sometimes fail to realise just how important their choice of shoe is to a girl. It’s one of the first things they judge you on.

Make sure you give the right impression as you’re harshly judged on your footwear. It’s what they’re seeing, and what they’re thinking.

1. Brown leather ‘good’ shoes

Mam bought them for his discos when he was a young lad, to get him out of the runners. Now they’re all he knows.

This guy can’t make his own choices and is probably still wearing faded t-shirts from his teenage years. He plays on his local GAA team so is far too manly for that fashion crap.

851-3525_700x650_2 Bata Bata

2. Dirty runners

He has probably given up in the style stakes, has unkempt hair he never washes, and spends all his money on smokes and XBox live. A catch, on opposites day.

24.085/365- Muddy viviandnguyen_ viviandnguyen_

3. A ‘good’ runner

Think custom Reeboks or Nike Airforce, basically whatever they picked out during the lads’ exodus in Foyler’s Polo out to the ‘big’ JD Sports. They take massive pride in their appearance but like to be comfy, so probably have a good tracksuit to go with them.

Will probably spend more time in the mirror than you too.

eyJ2aWV3IjoiUmlnaHQiLCJwdXJwb3NlIjoic2F2ZVN0YXJ0aW5nUG9pbnQiLCJlbnZpcm9ubWVudCI6InByb2QiLCJ3b3JrZmxvdyI6InFhIn0= Reebok Reebok

4. Shiny black shoes

Responsible. Too responsible. In other words… minus craic, avoid. If worn with jeans, you’re not doing well enough just avoiding. Move country.

tumblr_n6aa09LQWD1rc3abjo1_500 Jeans and Sheux Jeans and Sheux

5. Casual runners

Vans or Converse fall into this category. He probably skated as a kid and hung around the central bank as a young’n. But now they’re just putting off getting a real job and definitely played bass for some indie band in the Roisin Dubh at some stage. Good fun though.

Converse on the Tube Sam Cockman Sam Cockman

6. Brogues

Dependable and smart. He has a good job, reads the physical newspaper and definitely owns a lovely white dog.

He smells nice too, like an evergreen forest after rainfall. Sigh.

#shoes #men #male #brogue #fashion #tie #shirt #gpoy #sunday matrianklw matrianklw

7. Espadrilles, moccasins

Has a ghastly aversion to socks and his mammy constantly asks him if he has found a nice lady yet. No, mam, he’s too busy swanning around Topman with the pale-ankle brigade (the ladsladslads).

IMG_3980 Speakingofstyle Speakingofstyle

8. Canvas plimsolls

Bought from Dunnes or Penneys for a fiver, bargain. Will be the first to dive into the Liffey on a hot day and always has the ‘fashion haircut’.


9. Crocs

He’s a lost American tourist. Please return him to Temple Bar and make your excuses.

pon0zdpwu81couh Cafemom Cafemom

10. Dubes or other boat shoe

Unless they literally own a boat, they’re the ultimate prep. They probably own a dozen Ralph Lauren shirts and speak really well. They’re good-looking, drink Heineken, are too into sports they can’t play, and are definitely someone you could take home to mammy.

tomaz-boat-shoes-grey-yourstore-1210-26-yourstore@6 76 76

11. A strong boot

Not to be confused with the ‘poser distressed boot’. This is the real deal. He works on a farm or in construction, is trusty, rural, and is on first-name terms with the barman in the local.

You can already envision how he’ll traipse into your clean hall in them when you move in together. But at least he’ll have milk.

Untitled Egan Snow Egan Snow

12. Pointy boots

Will definitely dance with you uninvited if he’s single. If not, he’s almost certainly someone’s embarrassing dad and looks permanently doused in grease.

Aguila cowboy boots Bootsendra Bootsendra

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