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16 memories anyone who grew up in an Irish housing estate will recognise


1. The green was the focal point of all activities and craic


It was the promised land.

2. You played Kerbs on a daily basis and at one point wished it was a real sport so you could go pro

kerbs Source: YouTube

“I’m pretty sure I’m the best 11-year-old Kerbs player in history.”

3. There were random walls around the place leading to nowhere that lads were obsessed with climbing

864273_bd8bd9e1 Source: Geograph.ie

And the older you got, the bigger the wall you could could scale for the craic.

4. And also, just belting a ball against them for hours was a legitimate activity

horan Source: YouTube

Like Niall Horan, above.

5. There was usually another estate nearby that you almost certainly had a serious rivalry with


Even though you had never been there or met any of the other kids.

6. At one stage, the whole estate got mad into rollerblades

Goodbye, old rollerblades Source: brownpau

And by extension, roller hockey. It was a three-month-long phenomenon that took over the place.

7. Literally all your best friends lived within a three minute walk of your house

kidsbatman-630x472 Source: Imgur


8. And there was no such thing as texting ahead when you were calling over to them


Just rock on up.

9. The only thing stopping you from camping out on the road permanently was the slow trickle of cars moving through

geograph Source: Geograph.ie


10. The sheer amount of houses really helped when Halloween came around

covermebin Source: Claire White/Twitter

You had so many options, and no need for parental supervision.

11. And nick-nacking became an art form around the same time of year

nicks Source: YouTube

12. There was a half decent shop within a few minutes walk, but it involved going outside the confines of the estate

im-going-on-an-adventure Source: Fitnyc

Which meant real roads. There was usually an age restriction on when you were finally allowed venture.

13. If you got anything half decent on Christmas morning, you had a captive audience waiting for you outside

bike-12-630x418 Source: flickr

14. The whole estate was simply a giant playing field designed for tip the can

smyth4 Source: YouTube

That was its primary function.

15. And bitter water fights could go on for days and days in the summer

super_soaker_xp_70 Source: Wordpress

16. And finally… when the ice cream van came it was pure chaos

vanon Source: YouTube

The best <3

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