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7 people who are definitely in your office Kris Kindle this year
Recognise these people? Or even… YOURSELF?

KRIS KINDLE, KRIS Kringle, Secret Santa… The phenomenon has as many names as opinions on it.

In a nutshell, it’s picking names out of a hat and exchanging gifts.

In practice, and when transferred to an office setting especially, it’s so much more politically loaded than that.

The bossy organiser

It’s THEIR way or the HIGH way. This is the person who also leaves out pass-agg notes about the office kitchen and generally dampens craic. We prescribe one chill pill.

MrMen / Wikia MrMen / Wikia / Wikia


The curmudgeonly grumpus who tries to vociferously opt out of the Kris Kindle and says what a contrived load of nonsense it is. Listen, mate, everyone else knows that too but shut up and enjoy the festivities.

Imgur Imgur


That one person in the office who is just a little TOO enthused about the prospect of an inter-cubicle present swap. Dial it down a bit, Donal from Accounts. You’ll almost certainly be getting a bath salt set, so you can stop looking so excited for five minutes.

Giphy Giphy

Buys too much

Oh God. This person makes us all look bad. They disregarded the price limit and went all out.

Cost limit imposer

The person who is obsessed with the price limit. Also frequently forgets it’s their round in the pub. Coincidence? Probably not.

Flickr / futureshape Flickr / futureshape / futureshape

Way too little effort

We’ve all hear the horror stories of supremely low efforts in office Kris Kindles. Make SURE to tell us the crappest thing you ever got in a Secret Santa in the comments. Can it beat a load of obviously previously read magazines?

Generous Ireland is generous - Imgur Imgur The Irish government don't do Kris Kindle, but if they did... Imgur

The bizarre gifter

This person either knitted their own draft excluder in the shape of Bosco, or got you some baby clothes despite the fact you have no children. Whatever they got you, it was seriously weird and you’re beginning to doubt everything you once thought about them.

roach Etsy Ah, a hand-painted cockroach Christmas ornament. Just what I, er, always wanted Etsy

Are you doing a Kris Kindle in your office? Which one are you? Let us know in the comments. Or share this with someone you recognise … But make sure HR don’t get involved because that won’t be our fault, alright?

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