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These Irish lads are thoroughly baffled by women's sex toys
And so are we, TBF.

THEY’VE TRIED TO explain tampons, they’ve tried to draw penises, and this time, the folks at Facts have gotten their crowd of guinea pigs to take a look at women’s sex toys.

sextoys YouTube YouTube

From this video, we have discovered that a) some sex toys look INSANE, and b) some Irish men have a very strange relationship with the word ‘clitoris’.

clitoris1 YouTube YouTube

I presume that rubs your… *interminable pause* …Clitoris. *dissolves into giggles*

clitoris2 YouTube YouTube

I guess you put it up against the bit, is it?

The bit. The BIT.

buttplug YouTube YouTube

I suppose this is for…is for…the old clitoral.

Well, we hope if these lads gained anything from doing this video, it was confidence in using the word ‘clitoris’. Don’t be shy.

Facts. / YouTube

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