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11 brilliant headlines from little-known Irish magazines

Inspiring and hilarious reads abound.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for some new reading material you could do worse than picking up an Irish magazine.

You may be aware of the rake of local and national newspapers and the decent spread of glossy magazines that come out of our country every week.

But there are some titles you may not be aware of who are giving you the kind of amazing headlines that will beg you to read them.

1. The imminent arrival of a new Honda Civic

IT IS ON THE WAY (back in 2011 at least).

via Car and Travel

2. Why is my baby crying no question mark

Why no question mark.

10 reasons no question mark.

Irish Parent Magazine / Facebook

3. The arrival of festival time

We actually really like how inventive this cover is:

The Living Link / Facebook

4. An indepth look at the town of Magherafelt

An essential visit for any Northern Woman (who is fond of purple make up around the eyes it would seem).

Northern Woman Magazine / Facebook

5. What Amy Huberman thinks of Victoria Beckham

We are dying to know.

Also bonus points for the arty shot of Katherine Lynch:

via Suburbia Magazine

6. The truth about how Eileen Dunne feels about Clontarf

KateORMakeUp / Twitter

7.  Kathryn Thomas interviewed and “d’best windows & doors”

We’re going to need this issue of Ashbourne Now sent to us immediately:

via Fergal Fitzpatrick

8. News from the world of Irish genealogy and lots lots more

We’ll also need a copy of Irish Roots magazine ASAP please.

via Irish Roots

9. A  look at the rugged charms of Antrim

Is Ireland of The Welcomes the greatest magazine title ever?


Ireland of the Welcomes / Facebook

10. Bathing Beauties

A look at bathtubs and nothing dirty alright?

We’re also in love with “south specific style” as a phrase.

via Pure Style Home

11. The hip-hop take over of Ireland

It’s happening apparently.

via Changing Ireland

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