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8 times an Irish mam can't hold in a "well for some"

“Ooooooo isn’t it well for some?”

1. When she sees someone with a brand new car

“Oooooh 161. Well for some”.

car Source: Lynda O'Reilly/OMGWACA

2. When someone is getting a new conservatory

Sure it’ll cost a fortune to heat. That’s how she’ll console herself. And she’ll be watching like a smug hawk for condensation problems.

New Conservatory Source: jacbgla

3. When someone is getting a new patio

“Sure they’ll never get the weather for that”.

New Patio Source: Sports Addiction

4. If someone is going on second holiday

“Malta, is it? Weren’t they just in Per-ping-yong?” *sniff*

Dublin Airport Terminal Source: Canadian Pacific

5. If someone’s child does something nice for them

“Diarmuid brought Marie one of those Blue Book vouchers for Christmas”.

*casts eyes wistfully atIrish Mammies book and yet another scarf*

CHAPTER ONE RESTAURANT Source: infomatique

6. If someone uses their health insurance to avail of a medical service

This is despite the fact that your mam has her own health insurance, which she can also use for her benefit.

CT Scan Source: frankieleon

7. When someone is getting an extension

Cue much eyebrow-raising about planning permission.

new kitchen extension foundations Source: Gwyn Lishman

8. Any sort of lie in

“Making maggots in the bed. Well for some. I’ve already been for a walk.”

Day 94: I Don't Wanna Source: jk5854

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