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Irish mams are taking extreme measures to ensure their kids don't eat meat today

Heathens, all of you.

TODAY IS GOOD Friday, and this is enemy number one for Catholics everywhere:

Christmas dinner ... #roastham and seriously the best I've ever eaten!!!! #homemade #holidayfood #Christmas2015 Source: Instagram/vavaloy

Mams across Ireland are, as always, militant about meat consumption on Good Friday, and this year more of them than ever are taking steps to prevent their children from eating it.

Warning notes, manipulation, sabotage โ€“ weโ€™ve seen it all.

This mam who left a โ€˜no meatโ€™ note AND made sure her kids got a Mass

To all of you โ€“ Do not eat today! Only to be consumed after today! Itโ€™s Good Friday. 3pm be at the chapel!

This mam who outlawed smokey bacon crisps

This mam who left a hastily scribbled note on the ham

This mam who denied her own flesh and blood a chicken sandwich

This mam who actually picked the chicken out of a chicken curry

memmeh Source: Facebook/OMGWACA

Think my memmeh wins for the most ridiculous lengths gone to in an attempt to keep me a good Catholicโ€ฆ I took my leftover chicken curry out of the fridge for lunch to find that sheโ€™d gone through it and removed every. Single. Piece.

This mam who put not one but three (printed) notices around the house

mamcollage Source: Facebook/Laura Martin

And all the mams refusing to speak to their children for eating meat

Keep fighting the good fight, mams.

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