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Just 18 tweets that excellently sum up mams

They’re the best.

From Mother's Day stats: July most popular month for having babies and Leitrim has lowest number of births CSO

Mother's Day stats: July most popular month for having babies and Leitrim has lowest number of births

Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan had the largest families with 2.19 children per family on average.

10 male celebrities your mam *definitely* fancies

Not in an over the top way. Just in a “would you make sure the Sky Box is recording that” type of way.

Quiz: What's Your Mam Getting You For Christmas?

Which classic Mam gift will you get this Christmas?

This mam put up cameras in her house, then regretted it once she saw what the dogs got up to

You know what? It’s not worth it. (Potentially NSFW?)

This clean-freak mother managed to pull off the single most 'Mam' move of all time

She’s done what every mam only dreams of doing – ‘closed down’ her freshly cleaned living room. For a month.

A mam wrote her husband this unsparing letter before leaving him with the kids for the weekend

“Dearest husband, I wanted to go over a few things with you before you embark on this weekend alone.”

This Mam wrote a gorgeous Facebook status defending her little boy's love of nail polish

“Show him love. Show him acceptance.”

10 times Tumblr was so right about Irish mams

They’ve done it again.

28 thoughts that go through your head when your Mam is coming to visit

*throws everything into black sacks*

What Percent Mam Are You?

How many carrier bags do you own?

This mam didn't recognise her own son after he shaved off his beard

A beard is for life, not just for Christmas.

From Irish mothers are taking extreme measures to ensure their kids don't eat meat today Good Friday

24 things that Irish mams love

Happy Mother’s Day, all you wonderful mams.

16 times mams and technology were the best combination

Sometimes they just need a helping hand.

11 times mams were the greatest prank victims

Poor mammies.

OK, this just might be the creepiest Mother's Day card ever

Perfect for all the Norman Bates fans out there, we guess?

12 things Irish Mams say... and what they really mean

A definitive guide.

This mam knitted a life-size replica of her son because he won't hug her any more

See what you’ve done to your mam, ya brat!

13 things Irish mams are guilty of doing

“Being stingy with the the heating.”

Keep forgetting to call your mammy? She might make a show of you on Facebook

“Can’t wait to hear your voice, because I forgot what it sounds like”… ouch.

Teens are changing 'no' to 'HELL YEAH' in their mams' phones (with A++ results)

Won’t somebody think of the mams?

9 people who just taught their mam about emojis

Every day is emoji day.

8 nice things you should definitely do for your mam today

Simple, but meaningful nonetheless.

14 wonderfully Irish gifts to give your Mam this Mother's Day

Stuck for ideas? We’ve got you sorted.

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