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Quiz: How Irish And Immature Are You?

How mature are YOU?

SO YOU’RE IRISH, but are you mature?

Time to put it to the test. How far can you make it through this post without a titter? Titter, ha.

Keep note of the stage you fall at to get your results at the end.

Stage 1, let’s start easy

China have high hopes then


What exactly do this lot landscape?


Score in this market? No thanks

00_Dose+Logo Graphic Statement Graphic Statement

NOTHING? Congrats, you’ve made it to stage 2

You were expecting a different quiz here, weren’t you?


A solid union, indeed

hyphen-323 Anorak Anorak

We’d refer to this soap as a cute one, eh

hoorsoap Salman Trader Salman Trader

Are you sure you’re Irish? Stage 3, comin atcha

For all your gowl beauty (and fitness) needs


Not a bad address to have

geestreetlondon Google Maps Google Maps

We’re sure it is, mate

bernhardlanger Golfing World Golfing World

Not even a smile? OK, you robot. Our final attempt with Stage 4

That was quick

275 - London Dial A Ride Randomly London Randomly London

A bag of what now?

tinypic photo Soshified Soshified

Would go well with this cosy jumper from Camp… huh?

shiktehawk_75 Wickedgoodgraphics Wickedgoodgraphics

Our new favourite rapper

geebagrapper Hip Hop Life and Times Hip Hop Life and Times

Mickeys, Mickeys everywhere



We think this was in an AMA at some stage…


We’ll leave you with these poor people desperately looking for transport


sa_hitch_i_need_a_ride Lifeisrealgood Lifeisrealgood

And this should definitely exist


Time to tally up the results. Choose the stage you cracked to find out how immature you are.

Stage 1: Be honest, you lost at ‘titter’. You’re extremely immature, probably about 12-13 mentally. You giggle at the mere mention of farts and Mrs Brown’s Boys is your favourite programme. Hey, it’s OK.

Stage 2: So you’re not a literal child, but you do laugh at people falling over and things accidentally shaped like penises. Who DOESN’T, is what we’d like to know. You’ve been known to eat Haribo for breakfast the odd time and go scarlet whenever someone says the word ‘sex’. SEX.

Stage 3: You have a good sense of humour, but don’t waste your time on the small stuff. You probably enjoy an odd episode of QI but tut loudly any time you catch a glimpse of a Republic of Telly sketch. A mickey is a mouse to you and a ride can be found in a theme park. A gee is a gee though, in fairness.

Stage 4: You’re pretty mature but here, you’re only human at the end of the day. You don’t like childish nonsense despite habitually laughing at cat gifs and unfortunate hashtags (#susanalbumparty anyone?) when you’re alone. Basically, you’re everything Jedward are not.

Not at all: You’re immune to all innuendo, and are destined to comment below, proudly, about how mature you are and or how unfunny the world is. Hero.

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