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11 memes only Irish people will understand

Anything you want to say, can be said in a meme.

MEMES RULE THE internet and when you see a quality Irish one – it just makes them ever better:

1. Like the rolling feels

athenry JoePanama / Twitter JoePanama / Twitter / Twitter

2. This disappearing act

F7Pp5wF thelepo on imgur thelepo on imgur

3. The Mack

macklemore Jenny Ní Ruiséil‎ Jenny Ní Ruiséil‎

4. We are all Lemass

meas Shane Jordan Hennessy‎ Shane Jordan Hennessy‎

5. Burn

6. The famous meme makes an appearance on the streets ಠ_ಠ

GOnbX Imgur Imgur

7. Both warriors

#cuplafocal Facebook / Cúpla Focal Facebook / Cúpla Focal / Cúpla Focal

8. You won’t say no to those paws

meme1 memecentre memecentre


9. A prediction for this year

autumn memecenter memecenter

10. Accurate

mile Ireland Memes on Tumblr Ireland Memes on Tumblr

11. And finally… our dear leader

thiggins Ireland Memes on Tumblr Ireland Memes on Tumblr

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