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An Open Love Letter to the Men of Ireland

It’s International Men’s Day, so here’s to you.


Back in March, when we celebrated International Women’s Day, the cries of

What about us?!

could be heard far and wide.

Now, men of Ireland, it’s your turn.

Here are all of the wonderful things we appreciate about you…

You are great in times of need

Great bunch of lads for the lend of a coat, a shoulder to cry on, or some chips at 2am.

Also fantastic in times of extreme need (ie extreme hangover).

Source: Shutterstock

You’re great for a dance

For Irish men, dancing is either all or nothing.

You’re either politely shuffling around the edges of the floor, hoping to Jesus someone won’t start lepping towards you, or you’re GIVING IT SOCKS to Rage Against the Machine or Gangnam Style.

And of course when AC/DC calls, you answer.

Source: DailyEdge.ie

 You love your mammies

No woman will ever be good enough for you. Now, have you any white washing?


You have simple tastes

Pint of milk, feed of spuds, chicken fillet roll, bit of Pro Evo. Happy out.

Source: Shutterstock

The bit of ginge

Is there anything sexier than an Irish man with the big of ginge in his beard. You dancers.

Source: timparkinson

You *think* you fancy women with no make up

God love ye.

Look, they’re all fooling you:

Source: Lisa Eldridge

You own a pair of “going out runners” and “your good shirt”

And man alive do you know how to work them!

Source: Shoebuy

Source: Wordpress

You’re a pack of charmers

Michael Fassbender, Jamie Dornan, Colin Farrell, Chris O’Dowd… need we go on?

Source: James Moy Photography/Press Association Images

Source: Empics Entertainment

Source: Yui Mok

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Write your own love note to the men of Ireland in comments section…

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