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8 school tours that could only have happened in Ireland

“I can still smell the place”

THE COCA COLA Factory was a staple of many Irish school tours.

So too was The Zoo, the National Stud, Fota Wildlife Park and many other bastions of childhood.

What about these precious, precious memories though?…

irish Source: adverts.ie

I went on a school tour to Quinnsworth in primary school. We met the various managers of various departments. Got to see the stockroom.

- @andgoseek 

IMG_5292 Source: Ballyhoura

We also went to Glenroe Farm and I remember we saw a massive pig. You probably never saw a pig as huge in your life.

- @andgoseek

My ma packed me a salmon fillet sandwich when we went to Glenroe Farm. It got squashed in my bag + then it got rained on. Ate it.

- @lady_gargle

coca Source: Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland!

Genuinely shat myself in the coca cola factory – I had diarrhoea that morning but was so excited about going I still went.

- @RichieJape

Meet moss the dog & his red ball Source: Adam Foster Photography

In second class the tour bus turned into some farmyard on the way home to see a dog playing football, he was brilliant tbh


Wicklow Mountains Source: Sean MacEntee

We went hiking in the Wicklow Mountains, accompanied by my French teacher singing Pump up the Jam.

- @NiamhPuirseil 

Creamery PCN 2 Source: pennstatenews

I went to Wexford Creamery on a school trip once. We had to wear those little blue disposable hats. I can still smell the place.

- @GibCassidy

Items being recycled Source: surreynews

We went to the local dump and they showed us where they recycle everything. we met the dump falcon who flew over my head

- @grOOse

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