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Here's a list of all the Irish slang that Jamie Dornan translated for Vanity Fair
“Boys a dear, dears a boy.”
# jizz it up
Irish people, it is time to stop using the word 'jizz' to mean 'get up and go'
Gerry Adams announced today in the Dáil that he would miss Enda Kenny’s ‘jizz’. He did.
# slang time
12 pieces of Irish slang we need the world to know about
Watch and learn.
# irish slang
Tyra Banks unintentionally said 'gowl' on TV and it's gold
What a time to be alive.
# Sketch
17 words that have a completely different meaning if you grew up in Ireland
“The bang off that yoke”.
# gobshite
13 Irish slang words we need the world to know about
Get familiar.
# schlongford
A definitive ranking of Irish slang words for penis
From worst to best.
# Quiz
Which Old Irish Slang Word Should You Use Every Day?
Get in here now and take this important quiz.
# get bucky
5 alternative names for your bottle of Buckfast
Lurgan Champagne.
# morto
10 Irish slang words that need to be added to the dictionary right now
This is *our* language – the world needs to know about it.
# klassy
There was some gobshite on Countdown yesterday
Use it in a sentence.
# ye tick
9 of the mildest (but most cutting) Irish insults
Please. Be gentle.
# ah bisto
10 exceptionally questionable bits of 'Irish slang' found online
This is how we talk, apparently.
# the fair city
14 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in Dublin
Excuse me, what does that mean? “Ask me bollix.”
# yeah b*tch
Aaron Paul tackles essential Irish slang... and fails miserably
Three words: Not a notion.
# edna kennedy
Hapless American tourists attempt to act out typical Irish conversations
“Can’t believe Edna Kennedy is still Toysick.”
# the viper
Viper Higgins' latest video is going viral in America and they love his Mayo slang
# gatting
12 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in Cork
“You’re the bop off her!”
# feek
12 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in the Midlands
Did you get anything off her?
# a few scoops
Watch 12 hapless tourists struggling to translate Irish slang
“If I had a garden full of Mickeys?”
# Weshtlife
11 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in the West of Ireland
Going lushin’ tonight, lad?
# limsick
9 things people from Limerick are sick of hearing
A boy the kid!
# gowl
An American guesses what Irish slang words mean
Holliers, ride, gee-eyed… so confused.
# geebag
8 very interesting origins of Irish slang words
Those words. The good ones. Where do they come from?
# irish slang
Jason Byrne was NOT referring to Travellers when he said 'knackers' on the Late Late
The BAI agreed with RTÉ that the word has a broader meaning.
# Annoying
8 things you're definitely sick of hearing by now
Deck the halls with – SHUT UP.
# meet me mate
"Lend us a rubber": 7 Irish phrases that will confuse visitors
Will you meet me mate?
# totally cat
“Ara look at the poor craythur” – a dictionary of odd Irish words
Woejus, cat, quare… they’re all here.