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7 shopping experiences you'll only have in Ireland
Ireland is a pretty unique place for small businesses, all things considered.

NO MATTER WHERE we go in the world, one Irish person will always recognise another.

We’re unique, and so are our business ideas. There are some things you’ll only find in Ireland, and some experiences that are just typically Irish – and shopping is one of them.

1. The small town high street

The same families running the same business, down through the generations. Those of us from the country know it well. There’s the butcher, the post office, the few pubs, and a newly sprung-up newsagent. And of course, the obligatory shop that seems to specialise in nothing in particular, under the catch-all term “fancy goods”.

Source: Greystones on Google Maps

2. This enterprising business idea

Truly, this is the kind of innovation only Irish businesses can provide.

Source: Katie Gavin/Imgur

3. The “jack of all trades” pub

Pubs in Ireland don’t settle at selling a few pints and crisps. Many classic old country pubs can be found offering MUCH more than that.

Now you can go out for a few quiet pints and bring home a brand new flat cap and a Snack bar. Maybe even a puppy. Ideal.

Source: Facebook/Killeens Bar, Shannonbridge

4. The suburban shopping centre experience

There’s nothing quite like an Irish shopping centre. The little train for the kids to play on, obligatory fountain, a slightly down-at-heel foodcourt, and the groups of men skulking outside department stores waiting for their significant other to finish trying something on.

Graham Hughes / Photocall Ireland! Graham Hughes / Photocall Ireland! / Photocall Ireland!

5. Absolutely unrivalled deals

Remember saving up your petrol station stamps to get a wok? Or collecting the tokens from boxes of cereal to get your free gift? Simpler times.

Source: The Greatest Toys of All Time Ever

6. That pub in Sligo swapping turf for pints

It’s one way to keep the heating bills down this winter, we suppose…

Source: Facebook/The Fox’s DenFrancie Boylan

7. A classic Irish market

Any Dub will know the familiar sound of the Moore Street markets – that is, women calling out the prices of that day’s bananas and fresh fish. And at Christmas, sure you wouldn’t know what you’d find.

Source: Flickr/informatique

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