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Have you completed the Irish summer bucket list?

Autumn is approaching, have you done everything necessary to complete an Irish summer?

WE ARE OFFICALLY heading into the second half of August.  Leaving Cert results have been released, and parents are buying kids books they don’t want and forcing them to try on scratchy jumpers.

Summer is almost over guys.  But wait, there’s still some time left!  Thus, it is the perfect time to assess your use of the summer thus far.

It’s been a great one for most of us, although the sudden reappearance of Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness in the top ten would indicate that not everyone has had a great time.


If you feel your summer has been a bit lacking, perhaps it’s time to check out the Irish summer bucket list.

We put it to you that you haven’t actually had an Irish summer unless you have done these things.

Bought a 99 and complained about the quality

Gotten sun burned

Even those who are very careful with the SPF get caught out every once in a while.

If you haven’t gotten slightly sun burned at least once this summer, then you are very unusual indeed.

Amy_Nicole91 / Instagram

Set out for the beach on a sunny morning, only for it to be cloudy by the time you get there

Flickr/Rich Renomeron

Bought and broken a paddling pool

Paddling pools were in high demand this summer, but alas we don’t seem to be capable of owning them without breaking them.

Said ‘Suppose this is our Summer now’ on a sunny day

Sat on the grass in your work clothes eating your lunch

You’ve gotta make hay while the sun shines, after all.

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Bought strawberries at the side of the road

Flickr/þeodriċ æðelfriþ

Bought a giant box of Mr. Freezes safe in the knowledge that at least half of them will languish in the back of your freezer for months


Fought over who’s going to clean the barbeque


Complained about, or sympathised with, a hayfever sufferer

Flickr/Marco Raaphorst

Felt guilty for staying inside on a sunny day


Argued with someone about what the best beach in Ireland is


What the hell is a ramen burger?>

The more you use Facebook, the more miserable you become>

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