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13 childhood summer memories to make you weak with nostalgia

Baling hay, footing turf, Fat Frogs…

Footing turf with your dad/uncle/grandad

You’d have sandwiches wrapped in tinfoil because you’d be down on the bog for the day.

Footed Turf Source: IrishFireside

Staying out on your bike until this happened

streetLight Source: Metroceb

And maybe even later, if your mam was feeling generous.

Death by midges

The later you stayed out, and the closer to the trees you were, the higher the number of midges you were assaulted with. It was worth it for those extra precious hours of outside time though.

sunset midges Source: Stefan Berkner

Dance of the Daddy-Long-Legs

Left your bedroom window open? Then you were destined to spend the night clutching at your He-Man pyjamas in fear as the dreaded Crane Fly crashed around seeking escape.

dad-5 Source: Thejournal

Baling hay

Sunshine in the countryside meant ‘helping’ to gather the hay, watching the baler spit out the rectangular lumps, and hopping yourself off the big cylindrical mounds. The best of times.

Hay Baling - Small Square Bales - Co. Meath Ireland - July 1st 2013 Source: Peter Mooney

Making your t-shirts into belly tops when your parents weren’t looking

Actually, doing loads of things when your parents weren’t looking. Water fights, making ‘perfume’, hammering the flower beds with footballs…

ger Source: Shutterstock.com

Sandy sandwiches at the beach being the greatest food ever

Wrecked from jumping over waves and attempting to build dams for five hours straight, you would eat anything.

DSCN2122 Source: larryrrr

Hitting a tennis ball against a wall (especially at Wimbledon time)

The tennis ball NEVER had enough bounce in it and had ALWAYS been slightly chewed by the dog.

Still Life with Tennis Ball on a Red Brick Wall Source: designwallah

Waiting in the newsagents for the Freezepops to freeze

Those hours felt like days. The decent newsagents would cut the top off them for you too.

freeze-pops Source: Crittersandcrayons

Knocking in for people

Can Stephen/Fiona/Barry/Siobhán come out?


Taking a picnic ‘down the fields’

If you were lucky you might get a bar and a tin of Fanta.

Ilfracombe8 Source: .shfotography.blogspot.ie

Getting £5 for your holiday money

You could get a fishing net, a rubber ring and countless goes on the amusements for that.

Untitled Source: David Bergin Photography

The agonising decision between a Fat Frog and packet of Mini Chips, or a 99 with syrup

old list Source: BlogSpot

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