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13 people you are absolutely guaranteed to meet in every Irish university
From GAA enthusiasts to Random Huggers…

AS YOUR FINAL months in 6th Year draw to a close, you’re regularly reminded of the excitement that awaits you at third-level.

And you’ve seen enough movies to know that college is sweet feck-all but lie-ins, parties and road trips. In fact, organising your first semester timetable is little more than an exercise in ensuring you can live that dream without too much interference from labs, lectures and tutorials.


Then there’s all the new people you’ll meet; lifelong friends are waiting just around the corner and future bridesmaids and groomsmen are probably in the dorm down the hall.

And while you do invariably meet people who you’ll know for years to come, you’ll also meet your standard college characters that appear in universities up and down the country, and which you will cross paths with over and over as you make your way towards Graduation Day.

And here are just a few of those students…

1.The Club/ Soc Enthusiast.

If there’s one thing this person has been living for since filling out their CAO form, it’s Freshers Week.

They’ve heard talk of Trampoline Clubs and they know they’d make a whopper Fencer if given half the chance, so they go right ahead and sign up to every damn club and society the university has to offer.

And here’s the thing, they don’t make like the rest of us and forget all about it in the weeks that follow. No, they actually go.

2. The No-Show.

Every college has its standard no-shows, but then there’s the person who has actually made a name for themselves among student and faculty, who regularly presume they’ve dropped out.

This person has become somewhat of a legend in they eyes of their classmates, however, because they always manage to sidestep attendance quotas with a litany of medical excuses and somehow manage to submit essays moments before the powers that be finally give up.

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3. The Hugger.

When this person heard that Free Hugs were a thing on college campuses, they knew they’d found their true calling in life.

Standing outside the Arts Block with a slightly less enthusiastic comrade, this person is generally oblivious to the number of people who are forced to make abrupt detours in an effort to avoid them.

freee hugs

4. The Interrupter.

There’s always at least one person in every subject who manages to make a powerful enemy of the lecturer, and this person often happens to be a chronic interrupter.

Whether they’re attempting to display their knowledge (or lack thereof) in a subject or simply don’t realise that interrupting the lecturer every seven minutes is a fast-track to a fail, this person just does not get it.


5. The Lick-arse.

Often found contributing to the university’s online forum with long-winded responses to a lecturer’s discussion point, this lick-arse is the bane of everyone’s life.

Not only do they remind you that you have yet to find the ‘reply’ function in the thread, they convince you that you’re headed for repeats, not lest because you didn’t understand a word of their response.

6. The Eternally Bewildered.

If they haven’t accidentally studied the wrong reading, you can be absolutely certain they’ve turned up at the wrong tutorial every single week.

Study week is normally their make-or-break week, and it’s touch-and-go whether they’ll pull through or drop out.

7. The Sesh-Head.

This person chose their university based on its rep for the sesh, and that’s no exaggeration.

They arranged their timetable around pub promotion nights and they’re rarely seen without a pint or a chicken fillet roll in their hand, depending on the time of the day.


8. The Sleeper.

This person could sleep on a clothesline, but generally choose to rest their head in lecture halls, library pods and common areas.

Overheated classrooms and lecture halls are this student’s Kryptonite because we all know it won’t be long before their mouth starts dropping and their elbow starts slipping.

9. The GAA Enthusiast.

Rarely seen without their hurl or in anything other than their county colours, this student is the living embodiment of club pride.

They rarely stay down for weekend sessions because they’re training under-8s every Saturday morning back home.

10. The campus enthuasiast.

This person has taken to college life with gusto, and have clearly decided to overhaul their life since leaving their home town in search of pastures new.

They’re easily spotted by their slightly affected accent, refusal to return home at weekends and ‘limited memory’ of their secondary school days.

i love college

11.  The secondary-school devotee.

This person has eff-all interest in college life, makes no effort to form friendships, hits their attendance quota merely to pass and laments the passing of their 6th Year life.

They were sold a dummy when they were told your college years were the happiest of your life.

12. The last-minute merchant.

This person never learns, and doesn’t plan to either.

Why would he dedicate a fortnight to an essay like an absolute chump when he can pull one solitary all-nighter and spend the rest of time in the SU?

13. The uber-popular mature student.

There is always at least once mature student in every year that everyone has a soft spot for.

Whether it’s their palpable enthusiasm, their undisguised eagerness to get stuck into the course curriculum or the packet of boiled sweets they’re more than happy to dole out, there’s something about this classmate everyone is rooting for.



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