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Is George Hook turning into Andy Rooney?

George indulges in his “two cents’ worth” in online videos in the style of CBS veteran’s A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney…

BROADCASTER AND RUGBY pundit George Hook has found a new platform for his opinions – he is now giving his two cents’ worth in a series of videos on Newstalk.ie.

The first few have already seen him show his underwear (viewer’s discretion required, 0:45 in), rant about the X-Factor (“a pain in my bottom”) and wax lyrical about spuds (“these most interesting of tubers”). The one below has him rage about the quality of takeaway coffee and why you should make your own. (“For God’s sake, scald the pot…” etc.)

Is George trying to be the new Andy Rooney, as suggested by @alan_maguire? The CBS writer’s weekly broadcast, A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney, has run since 1978 on the flagship 60 Minutes show.

Here is George on coffee:

Here is Andy on sleeping:

Or is Hooky a little closer to Kent Brockman of the Simpsons and his My Two Cents section on his Eye on Springfield show?

What do you think? Is Hook:

Poll Results:

Kent Brockman (75)
He's as George Hook as he can be (56)
Andy Rooney (14)

(Thanks to @alan_maguire for the inspiration – we like Alan and Some Things He Likes on Tumblr).

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