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This sick looking ice cream is taking over the streets of New York

Scarlet for anyone seen with one.

WHAT DOES THIS look like to you?

A weird banana? Some kind of children’s toy? An unidentifiable, yet undeniably phallic object?

Today, we will be at 10 Hanover sq. till 4 and move to St. Marks!! #playj #Playjscream #jscream #icecream #icecreamtruck #dessert #FiDi Source: playjscream

Wrong. It’s an ice cream cone.

The J-cone is the newest food craze to hit New York, sold from a food truck that rambles around the Soho area of the city.

And people are actually walking about with these things in their hands. Sucking ice cream from them. Really.

According to Mashable, the owners of the truck were inspired by a South Korean dessert called Jipyangi, which also features J-shaped cones.

Though it looks downright filthy, there’s a good reason for the J-shaped cone – because it wraps around the ice cream fully, there’s a lot less mess.

We would try one, but in a private space. Alone. With absolutely no one watching.

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