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Some genius has invented the Jagerbomb ice cream float
And here’s how you make it.

YOU WANTED TANGLE Twister daiquiris? You got Tangle Twister daiquiris. But how about a Jagerbomb ice cream float?

IMG_5878 The Boozey Swine The Boozey Swine

Oh yes. Blogger The Boozey Swine has done it again with a recipe for that very drink – and it’s extremely simple to make.

All you’ll need is three ingredients:

  • Jagermeister
  • Red Bull
  • Vanilla ice-cream

You start by creating a Red Bull slushie…

IMG_5866 The Boozey Swine The Boozey Swine

Empty a can of Red Bull into a microwavable plastic container and stick it in the freezer for while – The Boozey Swine doesn’t pinpoint the exact time it’ll take, but he got his frozen in four hours.

IMG_5868 The Boozey Swine The Boozey Swine

Heat the frozen energy drink in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and lo, Red Bull slush.

Then get your float going on…

IMG_5869 The Boozey Swine The Boozey Swine

Fill your glass halfway with Red Bull slush, then add a good dollop of vanilla ice cream. Don’t be stingey now.

And for the piéce de resistance…

IMG_5879 The Boozey Swine The Boozey Swine

Drizzle a shot of Jager over the ice cream and slush, stir it all up, and drink.

If you’re unsure about how well the ice cream will play with the heady taste of Jagermeister, The Boozey Swine says: Don’t be.

The creaminess of the ice cream works so bloody well with the Jagerbomb taste. It’s an absolute delight.

That’s all the reassurance we’ll need.

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