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8 times Jamie Dornan reached peak Nordie

The world’s hottest man, keeping it real.


JAMIE DORNAN IS the hottest man in the world, according to Heat Magazine.

He’s proudly flying the flag for Northern Ireland, despite playing American billionaire Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Here are some of the ways he stays true to his Nordie roots…

1. The way he says ‘darlin’

Dornan’s character in The Fall, Paul Spector, refers repeatedly to his young daughter and his wife as ‘darlin’ as only a Belfast man can.

darlin "Hurry up and pass the Lurpak darlin''. I'm need to rush out for a spot of serial killin', darlin'" BBC BBC

See also: the way he says Google.


And: The way he says feet.

Glamour Magazine / YouTube

2. His spreading of the accent

Boardwalk Empire star Charlie Cox says he turned to his football pal Dornan for help with the Belfast twang.

Cox says that Dornan recorded the lines for his Boardwalk Empire screentest, helping him to secure the role.


3. His loyalty to his hometown

It’s Holywood Co. Down, not Hollywood California, ok?


4. When he acknowledged this truth

Nobody needs to hear ‘badass’ in a Belfast accent Jamie. Thanks for flying the flag.


5. His Golden Globes 2013 look

Bang of Ireland off that field.


6. Potato excitement

We can only imagine what this now sadly inaccessible picture of a huge potato looked like.


7. Other Nordie pals

Look at him there playing  Circular Soccer  with Rory McIlroy in Belfast.


8. His loyalty to George Best

Jamie Dornan has won the ‘world’s hottest man’ crown for Ireland… it’s The Dredge

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