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You won't believe what Japanese teens are licking for fun

Seriously. You won’t believe it.

WE GET THAT for teenagers today it’s important to keep shocking your parents and teachers.

But we think that Japanese teenagers are taking things a bit far.

According to a report by Shanghaiist, a craze of wearing eye patches has kicked off and it’s all because they’ve been licking each other’s eyeballs.

Yup, their eyeballs

As a result conjunctivitis, or “pink eye”, is spreading among Japanese teens.

A post on Japan Crush that explained the growing craze also notes that eyeball licking is dangerous because it can spread diseases like chlamidiya.

But, it seems like eyeball licking is nothing new.

As pointed out by The Huffington Post, there are plenty of videos of teens being silly and licking their friends eyeballs on YouTube.

theonlyping / YouTube

Bit too risky to do for the laugh we reckon.

Still, risk aside this just seems a bit gross and uncomfortable.

Hopefully nobody here will get any ideas.

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